Dkkfm. Georg H. Jeitler, Bakk. phil. MBA CMC

Nebenberuflich Lehrender Marketing and Sales

+43 2732 802

Integrated Marketing Communications - Public Relations

Brand Management - Brand Design and Strategic Innovation

Thesis Supervision (german and english)

As external / part-time lecturer I am supervising a yearly maximum of one to three theses due to my time budget. I'll strictly choose the proposals where I can give best support from my professional view, so I'd be needing some info about what you want to write about and what your first ideas are (it's not necessary to compose a full-blown proposal). A good way would be asking me after one of our lectures and then providing your more detailed thoughts in a short e-mail. Typically, I’m just supervising master theses. Possible languages are german and english, please note the thesis’ language might be linked to the study programme’s language.

I'll make a decision around may, but the actual point of time also depends on the number of concepts I've received then. If time flies and you didn't receive an answer - it's OK to be annoying if I didn't reply already (when urgent, phone calls are completely fine - you’ll find my company contact details on the web).

Below you find the general topics I'd be interested to supervise. Please note that I can’t guarantee supervising a topic, even if it’s mentioned below. Besides the mentioned, please feel free to contact me regarding all topics that seem to fit in one of my courses or especially in my professional orientation.

In general I am striving for supervising specific topics that cover modern challenges in the field of:

    • Business Administration
    • Communications
    • Advertising
    • Public Relations and Corporate Communications
    • Branding / Brand Design / Brand Development / Brand Management / Corporate Design & Corporate Identity
    • Media
    • Corporate Consultancy
    • Compliance

Of my specific interest are the following:

    • Compliance
    • Crisis Communications
    • Social Media
    • Sponsoring (and especially its valuation)
    • Political Communications
    • Public Affairs / Lobbying
    • everything about image transfer / transfer effects (and possibly its valuation)

Due to my work as judicial expert witness ("Sachverständiger"), I  could give good support and would very likely supervise any topics that cover:

    • Compliance in Communications, Marketing or Consulting Services
    • Commercial practices in Marketing, Advertising & Consulting
    • Conflicts in Marketing and Advertising, Communications or Media
    • Corruption (best in connection with Consulting Services, Advertising, Marketing or any other topic in communications)
    • Valuation of Sponsoring
    • Topics that cover the work of the Austrian Werberat (Austrian Advertising Council, the self-regulating body of the Austrian advertising industry), e.g. analyzing consistency of decisions.

If you have an idea for an interesting topic – don’t hesitate to contact me!

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