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Proud to be a graduate!

Once an IMC Krems student, always an IMC Krems student! We’re there for you even after graduation. IMC Krems alumni have access to a growing network of contacts worldwide and can take advantage of a range of exclusive services.

Keep us updated on your next steps. We can’t wait to find out how you’re getting on and hear about your achievements – great or small, personal or professional. We’re much more than just your old university; we’re a lifelong, global community that you can always count on with over 10,000 successful graduates in 2019.

Services for IMC Krems alumni

Celebrating together: your graduation ceremony

Congratulations, you’ve done it! It’s our job to make the arrangements for your graduation. Celebrate together with the people who are important to you – as part of a special ceremony at IMC Krems, in person or anywhere in the word via a live stream.

More about the graduation ceremonies

Take advantage of the IMC Alumni Network: a worldwide community

One community – a host of events. Meet up with fellow former IMC students at IMC alumni network meetings  or join in with the activities of the IMC International Chapters based all over the world. There’s also the annual Home Coming Weekend, which is all about catching up and networking, and features the Alumni Awards ceremony.

More about the IMC alumni community

Keep in touch and up to date: social media and alumni newsletter

Our services make it even easier to maintain strong ties with fellow graduates. IMC Krems Alumni Network on social media and get all the latest news with our newsletter service.

LinkedIn page  Xing group  Instagram channel Alumni Newsletter

Get your career off to a flying start: IMC career and alumni services

The IMC job portal is a hub that brings together students, alumni and companies. You can make use of the university’s career and alumni services both during your studies and after you graduate. Our team provides careers advice, manages the IMC job portal and organises the Career Links recruitment fair.

More about the IMC Career & Alumni Services

Share your knowledge: collaborating with alumni

As a graduate of IMC Krems, you possess valuable know-how which can benefit the university’s prospective and current students. Pass on your knowledge at the Career Speed Dating event, by becoming a part-time lecturer or a member of staff, or by holding a webinar.

More about alumni collaboration

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Our alumni news

Graduation ceremonies: all rise for the new alumni!

We’re delighted that you have completed your degree. You can be proud of yourself.

Now is the time to celebrate your achievement in the proper style. Let’s make your graduation ceremony a day to remember.

Graduation ceremonies take place in the main hall at Campus Krems (Wing G1), a venue with plenty of space to celebrate with your friends and relatives.

Celebrating together

The ceremony begins after you and the other graduating students make your formal entrance. The programme directors and other representatives of the university will then offer some inspirational thoughts for you to take away.

Following the academic pledge, each student is invited to the stage in turn to collect their degree certificate. 

At the end of the ceremony, you can toast your graduation with your friends and family – including on the terrace outside the hall, weather permitting. 

Need more details? Don’t worry, we’ll be in touch with everything you need to know about your graduation ceremony well in advance of the big day.

Alumni - Graduates with Graduation Cap
Alumni - Graduate is moving in
Alumni - Graduates speak the oath
Alumni Services - Proud graduate with virtual IMC Graduation Cap

Virtual summer graduation 2020

#myhomegraduation2020: Graduation stories on Instagram

We have a very special offer for the "Class of 2020" on Instagram: We invite you to share your special moments and unforgettable personal graduation photos with the IMC community. To do so, simply tag our university in your Insta Stories with @fhkrems. A special highlight is our new Instagram filter IMC Graduation, where alumni can let confetti fly and of course put on an IMC graduation cap. Graduation feeling guaranteed!

It's worth to participate: Great prizes will be raffled off among all the graduation photos. The prizes include tickets for the 2021 IMC Home Coming Campus Ball Krems, an IMC hoodie and an IMC water bottle.


Community? In fact, it’s much more than that!

Stay in permanent touch – if you want.

A student no more, but an alumnus forever.

We always welcome graduates back to the university with a great sense of pride. And we can’t wait to hear your news!

Tell us what you’ve been up to. We want to integrate your know-how into the degree programmes of the future. Your feedback is extremely valuable – for us and for everyone who is studying at IMC Krems.
We’ve also developed special event formats for our alumni that are all about networking, mentoring and sharing expertise.

Meet up with your former classmates – and build up a global network of contacts as an active member of our community. Presented in four categories, the annual Alumni Awards pay tribute to the outstanding achievements and service of IMC Krems alumni.

Alumni Services - parents and friends of alumni in the hall
Alumni Services - Postcard Keep Calm I just graduated from IMC Krems
Alumni Services - Close-up of the IMC Alumni Award
Alumni - 4 people with IMC T-shirts

Opportunities to meet up all over the world: alumni network meetings

Alumni network meetings are a platform for graduates to broaden and maintain their networks.

At these inspirational events, alumni are joined by representatives from IMC Krems and a wide range of industries. It often turns out to be much more than a chance to catch up. In recent years, social evenings have set the wheels in motion for numerous internship and job opportunities as well as exciting projects. 

London, Moscow and Zurich: alumni network meetings  take place in cities all over the world, with Vienna home to the largest IMC alumni community. Get an overview of when and where upcoming social evenings are taking place.


Heading back for Home Coming Weekend

Every year IMC alumni can catch up with each other and with members of the university.

Former students return to their alma mater for a club night as part of the Campus Ball Krems. 

Socialising, networking and celebrating. Home Coming Weekend is a tradition that goes all the way back to 2000.

As the university has grown, so has the alumni community and Home Coming Weekend, which now attracts around 500 former students. And we’re delighted to welcome back every single one of them!


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Alumni - Alumna take a photo in the photo box
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Acknowledging special achievements: the Alumni Awards

We’re extremely proud of our graduates. And we want to highlight their accomplishments. This is why we host the annual Alumni Awards, where up to one award are presented in each of the five categories.

Entrepreneurship | Start-up | Innovative business idea

Particular success in company formation/acquisition, successful innovative business ideas or start-ups, particularly successful freelance activities.

Professional career

Very successful and exceptional professional career, national or international.

Scientific career | Awards for scientific work and research

Successful academic career at home or abroad and/or national and/or international awards for special professional, social or academic achievements such as prizes, decorations, special publications.

Sport, the arts, culture and corporate social responsibility

Exceptional achievements in sport, the arts or culture after graduating from the university. Outstanding commitment to the community or social and charitable causes in a professional or private capacity. Notable corporate social responsibility-related achievements, contributions or activities.

Outstanding commitment to IMC Krems

Long-term commitment towards the IMC FH Krems as for example: IMC Alumni Ambassador, mentor within the framework of the mentoring programme, guest or part-time lecturer, specialist lecturer, internship partner, sponsor, sustainable approaching of job offers, as well as further honorary activities for the IMC FH Krems.

Alumni Awards nomination procedure

There are three ways to make nominations: alumni can nominate themselves or other alumni, or they can be nominated by the university (by members of the Managing Team, heads of department or degree programme directors).

Nominations submitted by alumni

You should send a one-page letter of nomination based on the criteria for the category in question, together with your CV and a portrait photo, to IMC Krems by the end of January. If you are a member of the IMC Krems Xing or LinkedIn groups, you can also include a link to your Xing or LinkedIn profile, which will help us with the selection process.

You can also nominate one of your fellow former students.

The deadline for applications is 31 January. We will inform you whether the application has been successful by the end of April.

Nomination by the university

A written nomination based on awards criteria is also required. This is submitted by a member of the Managing Team, a degree programme director or head of department.

Alumni - Director and Programme Director congratulate Alumni Award winner

Selection and awards ceremony

The IMC Krems Managing Team will make their selections by the end of April at the latest. We will then inform the nominees and invite them to the ceremony, which takes place during the "Verleihung der Funktions- und Ehrentitel" festive event in fall.

IMC Alumni Awards

A home-from-home community

Settling into life in a new city isn’t easy, but our IMC Alumni Chapters are on hand to make the process a bit smoother.

Alumni Ambassadors

We aim to forge strong ties between students and alumni in Austria and abroad in order to build a worldwide IMC community – a network of alumni who provide each other with mutual support. For several years now, IMC Alumni Ambassadors have been working hard to achieve this goal. They are graduates who work voluntarily and found IMC Alumni Chapters in the city where they currently live. Their work includes supporting students who are completing internships or exchange semesters in their area by acting as mentors, or organising events for their local alumni community.

Alumni - 4 men and 4 women and a woman holding a sign with Proud to graduate of IMC FH Krems

What does the role of Alumni Ambassador involve?

  • Putting IMC Krems alumni and students based in their city in touch with each other
  • Organising at least one IMC alumni network meeting per year – with our support
  • Liaising with the IMC Career Center on matters such as internships and job opportunities at their own companies or the companies of other alumni in their area
  • Answering Xing und LinkedIn inquiries from IMC Krems students and alumni
Alumni - Alumni Ambassador's group photo with the management of IMC FH Krems

We show our appreciation for the work of our Alumni Ambassadors by...

  • featuring them in the newsletter and on the alumni website
  • introducing them at IMC Home Coming Weekend
  • giving them special consideration for an IMC Alumni Award
  • and offering numerous other extras along the way

Find out more

IMC Alumni Chapters all over the world

We already have 36 city chapters. And what’s more, the IMC Alumni Network is constantly growing. Get involved in the activities of your local IMC Alumni Chapter – our Alumni Ambassadors introduce themselves here.

IMC Alumni Ambassador Almaty

Lisa Kronreif

Show Details

IMC Alumni Ambassador Amsterdam

Yara Gilissen

Show details

IMC Alumni Ambassador Baku

Shahin Pasha

Show details

IMC Alumni Ambassador Barcelona

Alexander Schlacher

Show Details

IMC Alumni Ambassador Berlin

Nadine Hampel

Show details

IMC Alumni Ambassador Basel

Danielle Joseph

Show Details

IMC Alumni Ambassador Bratislava

Raduz Dula

Show Details

IMC Alumni Ambassador Brussels

Katrin Erben

Show details

IMC Alumni Ambassador Budapest

Belián Koczor

Show Details

IMC Alumni Ambassador Carinthia

Andrea Mandl-Holzer

Show details

IMC Alumni Ambassador Chicago, North America and Canada

Julius Bosak

Show details

IMC Alumni Ambassador Dubai

Markus Susilo

Show details

IMC Alumni Ambassador Dublin

Karin Fusco

Show details

IMC Alumni Ambassador Dusseldorf/Cologne

Marion Holl

Show details

IMC Alumni Ambassador Frankfurt

Undine Handorf

Show details

IMC Alumni Ambassador Graz

Stefanie Gleixner (former Hofer)

Show details

IMC Alumni Ambassador Hamburg

Ruth Steimann

Show details

IMC Alumni Ambassador Helsinki

Carina Wetzlhütter

Show Details

IMC Alumni Ambassador Linz

Kevin Hinterreiter

Show Details

IMC Alumni Ambassador Lissabon

Stefanie Bukovnik

Show details

IMC Alumni Ambassador London

Thomas Tuschek

Show details

IMC Alumni Ambassador Madrid

Barbara Rannegger

Show details

IMC Alumni Ambassador Munich

Sophie Federspiel

Show details

IMC Alumni Ambassador New Dehli

Christoph Pfeifer

Show details

IMC Alumni Ambassador Paris

Andrea Roig

Show details

IMC Alumni Ambassador Prag

Andrej Halza

Show details

IMC Alumni Ambassador Salzburg

Katharina Scharnreitner

Show details

IMC Alumni Ambassador Shanghai

Cornelia Oswald

Show details

IMC Alumni Ambassador Sydney

Martin Wisata

Show details

IMC Alumni Ambassador Ulm

Sabine Meessen

Show Details

IMC Alumni Ambassador Ventspils

Sergejs Zikovs

Show Details

IMC Alumni Ambassador Vienna

Ruth Gabler-Schachermayr (former Pollak)

Show details

IMC Alumni Ambassador Vienna

Gerhard Pronegg

Show details

IMC Alumni Ambassador Zurich

Silvia Kammerer

Show details

Share your know-how – let’s work together

You have acquired valuable knowledge and exceptional skills – thanks to your studies, internships and professional experience. We’d love to give you the opportunity to pass on your know-how at the university, by taking part in Career Speed Dating, lecturing or giving a presentation.

Alumni engagement

There are many ways in which we can work together.

Provide a testimonial

We’re very proud of our alumni, and regularly feature them in testimonials in the form of interviews, quotes and videos on our various communication channels.

Alumni as brand ambassadors

At several events (e.g. Open House), alumni give prospective students advice. You’ll answers their questions about degree programmes, internships and career prospects, and tell them about your time at IMC Krems and what you’ve gone on to do. Alumni take part on a voluntary basis. We are always happy to show our appreciation by featuring you in the related coverage on our communications channels if you wish.

Hold a webinar

Interested in sharing your know-how on one of your specialist subjects? Want to present an example of best practice? We look forward to receiving your webinar proposal! Our webinars are an opportunity for other alumni, university staff and students to benefit from valuable first-hand knowledge. You can hold your webinar in German or English. An overview of past webinars is available here.

Part-time lecturing

We have especially strong ties with our alumni. This is reflected in the large number of alumni working as lecturers and guest lecturers at the university – the figure currently stands at 30, most of them on business and health degree programmes.

Become a member of staff

Teaching, research or administration – IMC Krems is an attractive employer that offers a wide range of opportunities for graduates. Find out more about current vacancies or submit an unsolicited application.

Let us know about your company

Looking for interns or aiming to make your company more appealing to recent graduates? The IMC Career Center team are the people to talk to. Take advantage of the university’s Career Links recruitment fair, IMC job platform, the Career Days event, and much more besides – visit the section on career services for companies for an overview of collaboration options.

Contact us

We love to hear from you! Write us an e-mail: [email protected]

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