Krems - Studierende sitzen auf einer Steinmauer

Friendly and cosmopolitan: welcome to Krems!

Krems is home to 25,000 people, and to around 15,000 students.

It is located in the greater Vienna region – only 1 hour by train from Austria’s capital.

Krems calls itself a city of education for good reason

The city attracts students from all over the world, who come to study, research and work together. The IMC Piaristengasse and IMC Gozzoburg sites have an especially international feel to them; this is where the majority of our international degree programmes are based.

All of the other programmes are taught at IMC Campus Krems, a large campus in Stein, about 5 minutes by bicycle from the university’s other locations in the historic centre of Krems.

History meets modern age

Krems has a history stretching back over 1,000 years. You can feel it when you walk through the old town or arrive at our IMC Piaristengasse and IMC Gozzoburg campuses. These parts of the university have a unique atmosphere thanks to the combination of beautiful historic settings and contemporary features – which is a distinctive trait of the town as a whole.

Krems - Wing G outdoor shot - IMC Campus Krems
Krems -  Outdoor shot IMC Gozzoburg
Krems - Exterior IMC Piaristengasse
Krems - Group of students walk in an alley

A town where everything is on your doorstep

One of the reasons why living in Krems is so enjoyable is that you can get to most places on foot.

There is an international feel about this town, but it is also friendly and welcoming. It is amongst the world’s most secure countries according to the OECD Better Live Index. People know each other and like to stop for a chat – perhaps at one of the markets, numerous places to eat and drink in the town centre or Heuriger wine taverns.

Krems is very bicycle-friendly. The town centre is only a 5-minute bike ride from IMC Campus Krems, and cycling is also a great way to get to know the surrounding countryside. One thing is for sure: You won’t need to use your car or public transport.

Krems - Students walk in the vineyards overlooking Stein

Breathtaking scenery

Krems is nestled between the Danube river and hillside vineyards – a unique cultural landscape and the envy of many a town in Austria. The campus is only a few minutes from the river and the countryside.

The nearby Wachau, Kremstal, Traisental and Kamptal valleys offer a host of opportunities for outdoor and leisure activities. All part of the high quality of life in Krems.

Krems - Indoor shot of IMC Piaristengasse historic lecture hall

Our two locations in the historic town centre

Most of the international degree programmes are taught at the Piaristengasse and Gozzoburg sites – 2 very special historic buildings in the old town.

IMC Piaristengasse und IMC Gozzoburg

At these locations, you will be studying in historic, medieval rooms and halls. Combined with top-quality facilities, state-of-the-art technology and international flair, they have a unique atmosphere.

Service centres and IMC Open Innovation Lab at IMC Gozzoburg

The university’s new Gozzoburg location opened in autumn 2017. The Welcome Center and Career Service are based here: 2 important service providers for all of our students.

The historic Gozzoburg site is not only a place to study, but also to work: our Open Innovation Lab on the ground floor in the Landstrasse section of the building has almost 30 workstations. A perfect location for start-ups!

Service Centres

Pop into town

IMC Piaristengasse and IMC Gozzoburg stand out for their central location. Here you will be studying in the heart of the city, where you can nip out to the main shopping street, or go for a coffee or something to eat between lectures. The market on Pfarrplatz is also just around the corner.

IMC Campus Krems

Get to know IMC Campus Krems

Krems is actually made up of 2 parts, Krems and Stein: 2 towns which have gradually merged into one.

A campus with lots of possibilities

IMC Campus Krems is located in Stein, close to the historic centre of Stein, the Danube and the cultural attractions at Kunstmeile Krems. Over 10,000 people study at Campus Krems, and well over 2,000 of these are IMC Krems students. The campus is all about maximising students' quality of life, and providing the perfect conditions for studying, socialising and leisure activities.

There is a wide range of catering options – from a cafeteria to a café-bar – as well as the Kino im Kesselhaus on-campus cinema. Alongside a varied programme of films, it also hosts concerts and puts on open-air screenings in the summer.

Regain strength

If you want to simply enjoy the campus surroundings, just sit back and relax on one of the many benches. The view of the hillside vineyards is a unique feature of the campus – which is full of life, but where you can also rest and relax. Campus Krems is an ideal place to recharge your batteries before your next project or meet up with fellow students.

Students socialise at a table
IMC Campus Krems, Wing G
Two students riding a bicycle on IMC Campus Krems

Lively restaurant scene in Stein’s old town

The historic centre of Stein is just a few minutes south of Campus Krems. It offers a colourful international mix of places to eat and drink: Greek, Mexican, Italian – in fact, a whole world of culinary delights.

In between these are also traditional Austrian restaurants, cafés and Heuriger wine taverns.

Yoga exercises by the Danube

Sports and exercise by the Danube or on campus

Cycling, inline skating or running – there are plenty of options right on your doorstep.

From IMC Campus Krems it’s best to head for the Danube, where the Danube cycle path will take you to Vienna or into the Wachau valley.

Stein has a rowing club, and the Wachau valley is the place to go for mountain bikers and climbers. Local walks and hikes include the Wachauer Marillen Erlebnisweg, the Welterbesteig Wachau and the Jakobsweg Weinviertel route, which passes through the town.

Students on IMC Campus Krems ready to do some exercise

Campus Sport

Campus Sport offers a wide ranging sports and exercise programme, so it's just a quick hop from lectures to the sports club. Fencing, yoga or badminton? There is something for everyone, and at very reasonable prices.

Check the Campus Sport website for information on courses and pricing. Don’t miss out: your matriculation number entitles you to an Austrian Students’ Union subsidy of EUR 10 per semester.

Piece of art in front of a church

Art, culture and culinary experiences

Internationality mixed with regionality – in Krems this is no contradiction.

Miles better: a host of artistic and cultural experiences

Most of the cultural attractions belonging to Kunstmeile Krems are located in Stein: the Kunsthalle Krems gallery, the Karikaturmuseum Krems comic and cartoon museum and the Forum Frohner gallery. Other cultural offerings include the Artothek, where works of art are available for hire, and the Literaturhaus NÖ literature centre.

Influences from all over the world

The arts and culture scene in Krems is another aspect of the city with an international flavour – artists in residence regularly come to Krems from abroad and the galleries enjoy an international reputation.

Kunsthalle Krems is Lower Austria’s gallery of contemporary art. Give yourself ample time to explore the wide range of themed and solo exhibitions. Since its reopening in 2017, the gallery has concentrated exclusively on contemporary art, encompassing new media such as film and video as well as installation art.

Kunsthalle Krems’ cooperation with the donaufestival, a festival of contemporary music in Krems, underscores the gallery’s interdisciplinary focus.

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The Karikaturmuseum Krems is a popular destination on the Kunstmeile. It is a place for looking deep down into the Austrian psyche – at the permanent exhibition of Manfred Deix or temporary exhibitions of works by other Austrian and international cartoonists, satirists and caricaturists. Designed by architect Gustav Peichlis – aka the caricaturist Ironimus – the building itself is also a real eyecatcher.

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The 3,000 square-metre Landesgalerie Niederösterreich is set to become the latest addition to Kunstmeile Krems. The new gallery on Franz-Zeller-Platz will show works from the Lower Austrian State Collections.

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Krems: the festival town

Every April a very special atmosphere fills the air in Krems: the time has come for the donaufestival contemporary music and performance festival.

Music fans from all over the world visit Krems to discover new sounds. Lots of other festivals take place throughout the year too, including Glatt & Verkehrt (concert series), Literatur & Wein and Kabarett & Comedy.

Heuriger culture: the taste of Krems

A visit to one of the Heuriger wine taverns – an institution in the region – is a must for anyone studying in Krems. At certain times of year, winegrowers open their cellar doors, serving wine and cold dishes. There are dozens of Heurigen in Krems, Stein and the surrounding area.

Students taste local produces at the market in Krems

Local produce markets

A market is like the heart of a city.

Luckily enough, Krems has several of them, such as the Saturday morning market on Pfarrplatz, which is a favourite with the locals.

The slightly smaller organic market on Dreifaltigkeitsplatz takes place on Friday mornings. There is lots of local produce on sale, including fish from the Waldviertel region, bread and pasta, fruit and vegetables, and various sheep’s and goat’s cheeses.

Shopping and eating out in town

Swedish cinnamon buns in a café or local Wachauer Laberl rolls from the bakery.

The town centre is full of shops and places to eat and drink. Whether you fancy a long breakfast, quick lunch or relaxed evening meal, there are plenty of cafés and restaurants to choose from. The shops including grocers, drugstores and supermarkets have everything to meet your day-to-day needs.

Shopping at a whim

Göglstrasse and the streets around Dreifaltigkeitsplatz are home to plenty of smaller stores selling exclusive clothes, jewellery and home accessories. It’s easy to get around to all of these on foot or by bike. Krems also has a shopping centre with a wide range of stores not far from the town centre.

Two students order in a bakery
Students eat ice cream in the Kremser Altstadt
Two students buy flowers
Krems - aerial view of Krems

Top 10 Krems tips

The city is full of fascinating spots and places to spend your free time. A list of things that should be on everybody's to-do list.

Head up the Kreuzbergstiege steps

The area around IMC Krems is best explored on foot. For a fantastic view, walk up to the vineyards on the Kreuzberg hill via the Kreuzbergstiege steps in the old town.

Swim in the Danube

There are lots of places to go for a dip along the Danube such as at the sandy beach at Weissenkirchen. If swimming pools are more your thing, then Badearena Krems is the place to go.

Explore Minoritenplatz

Minoritenplatz in Krems is the home of the Forum Frohner gallery as well as a small workshop belonging to Spanish artist Daniel Domaika. The Salzstadl just around the corner regularly hosts concerts, readings and informal musical get-togethers.

Shopping at the market

Fresh pasta, fruit and vegetables – the market held on Pfarrplatz every Saturday morning is a popular meeting place.

Trip to a Heuriger

There are lots of traditional Heuriger wine taverns in and around Krems offering good food and wine at very reasonable prices. Check to see which taverns are open before you set off.

Film and a concert

Take in a film and a concert at the monthly Cine Zone evening at Kino im Kesselhaus. Or how about Sunday breakfast followed by a film?

View over the old town

The Gozzo by LATE restaurant is part of the IMC Gozzoburg. It’s widely regarded as having the most picturesque restaurant terrace in Krems – with good reason.

Water sports on the Danube

You can hire canoes and stand-up paddle boards in Oberloiben, and Stein has a rowing club.

Shopping on Göglstrasse

Clothes, jewellery and home accessories – pick up something special on Göglstrasse and the streets around Dreifaltigkeitsplatz.

Campus Ball

Campus Ball is one of the most atmospheric balls held in the city. The entire campus is transformed into an elegant ball venue with countless bars and stages.

People stroll through the Krems' shopping street

Living in Krems

Krems is a feel good city. There are plenty of living options for all budgets.

What are the living costs in Krems?

Expect to spend around EUR 700 to EUR 850 per month for living, food and utilities. How much you actually spend depends on your personal requirements. Here's a small list of average price factors: 


Single room in student residence EUR 380 – 430 per month
Double room in student residence EUR 280 – 350 per month
Single room in shared apartment EUR 350 – 400 per month
Double room in shared apartment EUR 280 – 300 per month

Food & drinks

Breakfast (from the supermarket) about EUR 2 per day
Lunch (from the supermarket or restaurant) about EUR 5 – 12 per day
Dinner (from the supermarket or restaurant) about EUR 5 – 12 per day

Public transport

Train ticket from Krems to Vienna about EUR 9 – 18 (single)
Taxi in Krems about EUR 5 – 8 (single)

Additional costs

Printing/copying costs about EUR 40 – 60 per semester
ÖH contribution EUR 24.70 per semester

Dorm, private room or shared flat?

There are lots of options when it comes to finding a place to live. Krems has 3 student residences and ample private rented accommodation.

Europazentrum Krems student residence

Location: 5 minutes on foot from IMC Piaristengasse and IMC Gozzoburg, and 10 minutes from IMC Campus Krems

More information

Kolping Campus Krems student residence

Location: at IMC Campus Krems

More information

STUWO student residence

Location: about 20 minutes’ walk from IMC Piaristengasse, 30 minutes from IMC Campus Krems, and 10 minutes from the railway station. It offers special accommodation packages exclusively for part-time students on their block weeks.

More Information

Private student accommodation

Private accommodation is advertised on the STIK internet platform. IMC Krems does not accept any responsibility regarding the quality or cost of, or the facilities provided in the accommodation advertised on this website.

It is also well worth taking a look at the Kremser Student Pinboard Facebook group, where advertisements for private accommodation, lift sharing and second hand books are posted.

More information

Students chatting at IMC Campus Krems

Arrive, become acquainted, network.

It's important to us that our students immediately feel at home at our university of applied sciences and in Krems.

We go the extra mile

For full details on the city of Krems and its services visit

Welcome and Experience Fair

Our goal: to get our freshers off to a smooth start.

To this end, they kick off with Induction Week. An integral part of this is the Welcome and Experience Fair, where we introduce all our services and showcase clubs and sports opportunities. It is also a great chance for everyone to get to know each other.

Austrian Students’ Union (ÖH)

The ÖH represents students’ interests.

In addition, ÖH brings students together and organises regular events and competitions. The ideal network to help you find your feet in next to no time.

More information

Erasmus Student Network (ESN) Krems

The ESN is very active in Krems.

The organisation supports international students who travel to Krems, helping them to meet their Austrian counterparts and integrate quickly.

More information

IMC Welcome Center

A special tip for international students, guest lecturers and visiting delegations

The IMC Welcome Center is on hand to assist with day-to-day matters before, during and after the stay in Krems.