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Activities for schools

Pay us a visit! You and your class are welcome to come and see us at IMC Campus Krems.

We’ll bring research to life – discussing current research topics with your pupils or carrying out small- and large-scale experiments with them.

Angebote für Schulen - Schüler probiert die VR Brille aus

Need to inject some variety into the timetable?

Our highly engaging, interactive workshops are ideal for secondary school pupils and are designed to spark their interest in new topics.

And you’ll be pleased to hear that they are absolutely free for you and your pupils.

Workshops for schools

Get an overview of the workshops we offer.

Have you already decided on an interesting workshop for your school class? The dates and times will be arranged on an individual basis. Please send us an e-mail to information(at) or call +43 2732 802 222.

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    Partnerships with schools

    Mary Ward Privat-Oberstufenrealgymnasium Krems

    We have been cooperating closely with Mary Ward Privat-Oberstufenrealgymnasium Krems, a local higher-secondary school, since 2012. This involves educational activities led by our lecturers, which are designed to introduce pupils to cutting-edge research topics.

    Alongside expert presentations and taster lectures, we also invite the school's classes to visit us at our state-of-the-art laboratories at Campus Krems.

    “This partnership is bringing leading-edge research to life for our pupils – I’m absolutely delighted with how it’s working.” Director of Mary Ward Privat-Oberstufenrealgymnasium Krems, Sandra Köhl.

    Website Mary Ward Privat-ORG

    Erzbischöfliches Gymnasium Hollabrunn

    In December 2018, our university has entered into a cooperation agreement with the Erzbischöfliches Gymnasium Hollabrunn.

    The goal of the collaboration is to familiarise the students of the grammar school with the range of study programmes offered by IMC Krems. School visits, workshops and similar events are planned.

    In addition, it will be possible to write pre-scientific papers in cooperation with IMC Krems.

    Website Erzbischöfliches Gymnasium Hollabrunn

    BORG Krems

    Since May 2021 it is official: Our university cooperates even more closely with the BORG Krems within the framework of a school cooperation.

    For the director of the BORG Krems, Barbara Faltl, there is no doubt: "A good cooperation is always fruitful, and this one between the BORG Krems and IMC Krems is a good one! It was arranged more than a year ago, but due to the pandemic situation it has only now actually been signed. It enables our students to experience university practice beyond the "purely" school setting, to work with subject specialists and to deepen their knowledge. On the other hand, it enables the experts to gain experience with our BORG students. All of our five ORG branches are also reflected in the study programmes offered by IMC Krems, and I am sure that the cooperation will steadily expand in the years to come."

    Website BORG Krems

    BRG Krems Ringstraße

    The BRG Krems Ringstraße and IMC Krems have maintained a longstanding connection over the years. For example, our university uses the premises of the BRG. As of the academic year 2022/2023, students of the BRG will also have the opportunity to take advantage of various services of our university.

    These include amongst others:

    • Invitations to events of the IMC Krems
    • Participation in free workshops in the fields of business, digitalisation and technology, health and life sciences
    • Up to 15 assigned slots for our "FIT4YOUniversity" week in summer

    In addition, our teachers will lecture at the BRG to convey students an understanding of different fields of study.


    HLS Langenlois

    In March, our university of applied sciences signed a cooperation agreement with the Höhere Lehranstalt für Sozialmanagement in Langenlois.

    The director of the HLS Langenlois, Mag. Klaus Doujak, emphasises: "With this cooperation agreement, we have now fixed in writing what has already been lived in practice since 2014. Already in this founding phase, the management of IMC Krems emphasised in its letter of support that the focal points of the Higher School of Social Management in both the health and business sectors are an excellent basis for further education at IMC Krems. The cooperation agreement today confirms this assessment once again in a special way and contributes to offering graduates of HLS Langenlois further perspectives at an early stage".

    To the website of HLS Langenlois

    BG/BRG Piaristengasse Krems

    The BG/BRG Piaristengasse and IMC Krems are embarking on new paths together.

    On October 20, 2023, the cooperation agreement between the two established educational institutions was ceremoniously sealed. It provides the opportunity to get to know each other better and benefit from one another.

    The focal point and absolute novelty in the cooperation is the recognition of the "Entrepreneurial License" in the Bachelor's degree program "Business Administration." Students who have completed the WKO Entrepreneurship Exam with BG/BRG Piaristengasse no longer need to attend the course "Internal Accounting" (3 ECTS).

    The cooperation also includes numerous other interesting offers:

    • Attendance at free workshops and lectures, as well as "Science Classes" in the fields of Business, Science & Technology, and Health.
    • Participation in the "FIT4YOUniversity" program and the IMC Krems Summer School.
    • Invitations to events at IMC Krems.


    BRG Kremszeile

    BRG Kremszeile and IMC Krems Forge Groundbreaking School Cooperation

    A significant step towards expanded educational opportunities was officially sealed on December 15, 2023.

    BRG Kremszeile and IMC Krems have entered into a school cooperation aimed at fostering the joint development of students in the fields of natural sciences and computer science.

    The ceremonial signing took place at the IMC Campus Krems, where representatives from both institutions emphasized the importance of this collaboration. The cooperation is comprehensive and includes:

    • Workshops for school classes
    • Laboratory tours
    • Specialized lectures directly at the school
    • This joint initiative demonstrates the dedicated collaboration of both institutions to optimally prepare students for the requirements in the forward-looking fields of computer science and natural sciences


    If you have any questions, or would like to book a school visit to IMC Krems, e-mail us at information(at)

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