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Study Tourism and Leisure Management in Baku

In our undergraduate bachelor degree programme at our partner university in Azerbaijan, you will gain state-of-the-art insights into the tourism and leisure industry. After your studies you will be ready to shape and modernise the growing tourism industry of Azerbaijan.

During your studies, you will learn about tourists’ top needs, future tourism products, marketing a tourist destination and staging events. To ensure an optimal learning outcome, all our courses are taught by Austrian and Azerbaijani lecturers that are experts in their fields.

The degree programme

Are you looking for a European Tourism and Leisure Management bachelor degree programme for high-potentials in Azerbaijan? Then look no further. This degree programme is a collaboration between IMC Krems and the Azerbaijan Tourism and Management University (ATMU) and will take place at ATMU in Baku/Azerbaijan.

The aim of the English-language bachelor programme is to equip you with in-depth business administration expertise. The tourism and leisure industry is the centre of attention throughout the programme. This allows you to later succeed locally and internationally in the tourism sector.

Please note: You can only apply for this 3-year (6-semester) bachelor degree programme after a first year of studies in one of the national programmes of ATMU. There are no additional tuition fees for this international programme, students only pay for the national programmes at ATMU.

High practice-orientation with an international edge

The programme is jointly taught by lecturers from IMC Krems and ATMU. The teaching staff is carefully selected, meaning that you will learn from leading industry experts from Austria and other countries and that you can expect a modern, student-centred teaching style.

During your studies you will also learn another foreign language. Knowledge in German, French or Russian will provide you with an additional edge for your international career. Furthermore, you will gain hands-on practical experience during your internship in semester 4 in Azerbaijan or abroad as part of the degree programme. This allows you to grow professionally and establish contacts for easily finding excellent jobs after your graduation.


Do you want to gain even more international experience? The best students have the opportunity to come to Krems/Austria for an exchange semester on a scholarship.

" Austria is known as a leading tourism destination and is renowned for education in the field. The programme, therefore, provides Azerbaijani students with a unique opportunity to learn from experienced tourism professionals and gain insights into state-of-the-art tourism and leisure management approaches. With their skills and experiences, the programme’s graduates are taking over excellent positions and are, thereby, actively shaping the growing tourism industry of Azerbaijan. "

Programme director Jens Ennen

Opening up a host of new opportunities

Since the first graduation in 2010, the “Azerbaijan-Austrian Tourism Programme” (AATP) has produced more than 200 alumni through the Tourism and Leisure Management bachelor degree programme.

Successful graduates of the AATP-programme are awarded a regular degree from IMC Krems, meaning that they receive a degree from a fully accredited European programme. This opens up a wide range of opportunities for you: after your studies, you have the choice between seamlessly continuing your education in Europe and around the globe or starting your career with excellent job prospects in Azerbaijan and abroad.

Transnational Cooperations - Azerbaijan Tourism and Management University in Baku

Welcome to Baku/Azerbaijan!

The Azerbaijan Tourism and Management University (ATMU) was founded in 2005 and was formerly known as Azerbaijan Tourism Institute (ATI). The university was the first higher education institution in Azerbaijan to implement the European credit transfer system (ECTS) and to offer an international degree programme.

Since 2007, the ATMU has offered the Tourism and Leisure Management bachelor degree programme in cooperation with our university of applied sciences, the IMC Krems.

Our team

Get to know the programme director and your contact person in the administration of our bachelor degree programme Tourism and Leisure Management in Baku.

  • Gabriele Schweiger
    Assistant / Corporate Relations

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