Sustainable universtiy - Group photo from Sustainability Day

Social and environmental responsibility

IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems is committed to meeting its responsibilities to society and the environment.

So the sustainable use of resources is very important to us.

Sustainability: a priority in everything we do

By consciously promoting synergies between environmental, social and economic factors, IMC Krems is developing into an increasingly sustainable university.

We also pass on socially and environmentally responsible values to our students, and help them to build up a sense of respect for the environment and for sustainable approaches.

Sustainable University - Group photo from Team Environment and Sustainability

Our environment and sustainability team

We have set up an environment and sustainability team to ensure that sustainable thinking becomes firmly established in all areas of our organisation. It is led by Sustainability Coordinator and Environmental Officer Roman Mesicek and his deputy Christine Taferner.

The university’s teaching and research staff, as well as the Facility Services, Marketing, Human Resource and Quality Management departments are all represented on the team. Members of other departments can also join the team as required.

The strategic direction is set by the core social and environmental responsibility strategy group, which is made up of the Managing Team and the sustainability coordinators.

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