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Global Sustainability and Circular Business* bachelor degree programme

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Complex challenges need multidisciplinary answers.

Our degree programme thoroughly prepares you for careers in sustainability management and the circular economy. You will acquire fundamental expertise in and deepen your understanding of applying sustainable principles in business contexts.

The degree programme

Tailor-made solutions for urgent problems

The world is facing major global problems, such as environmental change and social challenges. These problems affect us as a society and also have an impact on the economy. It is therefore important to find sustainable solutions to the changing environmental conditions quickly.

This is exactly where our new bachelor degree programme comes in: the programme offers you the unique opportunity to play an active role in solving global challenges. Through an integrated approach, you will learn to shape models, communities and companies in order to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Management expertise meets eco-competencies

As a graduate of this degree programme, you will not only evaluate sustainable data, but also adapt your management strategies to the complex requirements of global markets and effectively integrate ecological aspects into company processes.

Proactively shaping innovation processes

During your studies, you will learn how to use innovations for environmentally friendly technologies and business models in order to be prepared for the challenges of environmentally conscious corporate management.

At the same time, you will learn how to actively shape change and innovation processes, particularly in line with environmentally friendly principles. In addition, you will develop important social skills such as teamwork, leadership and conflict resolution to successfully participate in change and innovation projects.


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Sustainability management – the basics

Sustainability management means that companies and organisations plan and manage their activities in an environmentally friendly, socially responsible and economically successful way.

The goal is to use resources efficiently, promote social justice and protect the environment in order to achieve long-term positive effects. Companies that practice sustainability management take into account not only profits, but also the impact on people and the environment.

Sustainable uses of resources

Circular business means that companies aim to keep products in the cycle for as long as possible and generate as little waste as possible. Instead of throwing things away after a single use, they should be recycled, reused or repaired.

The aim is to operate more sustainably and reduce the environmental impact by creating a closed cycle for materials. In other words, the aim is to conserve resources and protect the environment.

Studium Export-oriented Management - Studierende sitzen am Boden
Studium Export-oriented Management - Studierende mit Folder in der Hand
Studium Export-oriented Management - Studierende sitzen am Tisch

Multi-layered topics make up one degree programme

The degree programme covers five key areas that together make up the “triple bottom line” of sustainable business: companies should not only strive for financial success, but also incorporate social responsibility and environmental protection into their decisions.

In courses on the topic of global sustainability, the implementation of the SDGs is examined in a global context and particular attention is paid to the social side of sustainability.

Circular business focuses on ecological aspects and how products and services can be designed sustainably.

The field of economics introduces topics such as efficiency and, above all, effectiveness in sustainable business.

Interdisciplinary subjects such as behavioural sciences, artificial intelligence and data management round off the curriculum together with future skills, where students can choose from various subjects.

Programme overview

What exactly does your degree programme consist of? Get an overview with our diagram.


What can you expect from your studies? The curriculum provides an overview.

  1. CourseSWSECTS
    Management Essentials 46
    Accounting 46
    Principles of Sustainability 36
    Sustainability Research 36
    Introduction to Circular Economy 36
  2. CourseSWSECTS
    Economics 46
    Legal Environment 36
    Data and Decision Making 46
    Sustainability and Environmental Management 36
    Future Skills I - Inclusion and Diversity Management 36
    Future Skills I - Collaboration and Conflict 36
    Future Skills I - Managing Systems and Complexity 36
  3. CourseSWSECTS
    Marketing and Marketing Research 46
    Finance, Investment and Mathematics 46
    Emerging Technologies 36
    Global Sustainable Trade and Value Chains 36
    Future Skills II - Personal Mastery 36
    Future Skills II - Stress Management 36
    Future Skills II - Intercultural Competence 36
  4. CourseSWSECTS
    Business Models and Business Planning 36
    Behavioural Science and Psychology 36
    Social Business and Innovation 36
    Circular Product and Service Design 46
    Sustainable Materials and Technologies 46
  5. CourseSWSECTS
    International Cooperation for Sustainable Development 46
    Current Issues in Global Sustainability and Circular Business 36
    Cooperation, Cocreation and Community Engagement 46
    Bachelor Thesis I 26
    Practical / Professional Competence I 06
  6. CourseSWSECTS
    Political Skills - Institutions and Influence 46
    Bachelor Exam 02
    Bachelor Thesis II 28
    Practical / Professional Competence II 014

Key features

What makes our Global Sustainability and Circular Business programme so special? Here’s an overview.

Thinking holistically: diverse perspectives

The programme is taught by experts from various sectors such as science, business, politics and society. Thanks to the different perspectives, students learn networked thinking and thus find multi-layered, integrated solutions that are created for customer-specific scenarios.

Practical relevance as a top priority

Global Sustainability and Circular Business is a part-time programme – online studies alternate with attendance phases on weekends (Friday & Saturday).

Case studies, excursions and participation in major projects give students the opportunity to understand challenges based on real-life examples, discover creative solutions and forge contacts at an early stage.

Sustainable commitment during studies

The degree programme places particular emphasis on social sustainability. Students make positive, social contributions to projects already during their studies, both in courses and in their professional activities.

The academic examination of one of these projects in the bachelor thesis prepares students to manage and implement sustainable projects.

Career paths

After completing the bachelor degree in Global Sustainability and Circular Business, numerous possible career paths become accessible to you.

You have the choice of starting a career or enrolling for a full-time or part-time master degree.

A wide range of options will be open to you – at IMC Krems, for instance, you can register for the master degree programmes:

Alternatively, you can take a master degree in business at another Austrian or foreign university.

  • Potential entry-level positions
  • Sustainability management: As a graduate, you will be qualified for positions in companies that focus on sustainable practice, communication and controlling as well as environmental management, sustainable marketing strategies and supply chain management.
  • Sustainable business development: You will contribute your expertise to the development of sustainable business models and corporate development. In circular economy management, you will score points with your know-how of business models in the circular economy. Sustainable innovation management is also a key aspect for you.
  • Promoting innovation and sustainability: You are also used to looking at things from the outside. You know how sustainability promotion and public administration work in the area of environmental protection and what is needed for strategic organisational consulting for companies in the area of sustainable business practices. This will lead to further fields of work.
  • Business management activities: You can contribute your expertise to numerous “classic” business areas and exciting jobs without a dedicated sustainability focus, such as finance and accounting, marketing and sales, human resources or operational and strategic management.

Opinions: Global Sustainability and Circular Business

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Our team

Get to know the core team of our bachelor degree programme Global Sustainability and Circular Business.

  • Prof.(FH) Mag. Dr. Martin Waiguny | Academic Head - IMC Fachhochschule Krems
    Prof.(FH) Mag. Dr. Martin Waiguny
    Academic Head

    Academic Head

    Prof.(FH) Mag. Dr. Martin Waiguny

    Core Competencies
    • Consumer behaviour and New Media. Product Placements, Entertainment Theory, Gamification, Advertising
    • Consumer Strategy. Advertising and Advertising psychology, Customer relationship Management, Information based Customer Management
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