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Study Services

Outstanding organisation

From enrolment to degree certificates: the Study Services team are available to help with all your admin-related questions. We make sure that your studies progress smoothly from an organisational perspective, and take care of lots of tasks on your behalf. So you have more time to study – and much more besides.

Supporting you throughout your degree

How do I register for an exam? What grade did I get for my seminar? What’s the submission deadline for my master thesis? We provide you with information, issue reminders, and are available to answer your questions – via e-mail, on the phone or in person at one of our three locations.

You’ll find us at IMC Piaristengasse, and Wing G and G1 of IMC Campus Krems. Our offices are right next to the seminar rooms, so it’s easy for you to drop by for help with degree-programme-related matters.

Alternatively, log into our student intranet, the eDesktop, which is administered by Student Services and personalised for each user.#


The most important links for your studies:


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Your degree programme cockpit: the eDesktop

The eDesktop is where you’ll quickly find the answers to many of your questions. We post all the information and documents relating to your degree programme here. Go to the eDesktop for:

  • enrolment certificates, confirmations and other official documents
  • your personal timetable
  • degree programme records: all your grades and certificates
  • learning support: handouts and other materials for all of your courses
  • announcements and advertisements: the intranet noticeboard


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Induction Week

Getting you off to a flying start

Induction Week is our special service for new students – a comprehensive programme of activities at the beginning of the first semester. We’ll clear up all your admin- and programme-related questions and introduce you to the eDesktop. You’ll also find out about the university’s student service points, as well as the various societies, clubs and leisure opportunities in Krems.

Offices and opening hours

Easy to reach. Personal support. The eDesktop with has everything you need. Our team is made up of over 20 members of staff, who all go the extra mile to provide students with top-quality service.

We’re here to help! If you are studying on one of our business programmes, please use our Student Services office at P.1.06 (IMC Piaristengasse) or G.2.22 (Wing G at IMC Campus Krems).

Students of our life sciences programmes should use the office at G.3.24 (Wing G at IMC Campus Krems). The office at G1.1.01 (Wing G at IMC Campus Krems) is for health sciences students.

  • Monday–Friday
  • Monday: 9am-midday
  • Tuesday: 1pm-4pm
  • Wednesday: 9am-midday
  • Thursday: 1pm-4pm
  • Friday: 1pm-4.30pm


A member of the Students Services team is also available to help you at IMC Campus Krems reception (Wing G) on Friday afternoons and Saturdays:

  • Friday afternoon & Saturday
  • Friday: 4.30pm-6pm
  • Saturday: 8am-2pm

Contact us

Questions? Write an e-mail to studyservices(at) or call us: +43 2732 802 666

Study Services

  • Dagmar Halm | Head of Study Services - IMC Fachhochschule Krems
    Dagmar Halm
    Head of Study Services

    Head of Study Services

    Dagmar Halm

  • Stefanie Außerdorfer
    Department Coordination / Planning & Graduation
  • Katharina Dworak
    Study Services / Planning & Graduation
  • Carina Fehringer
    Study Services / Planning & Graduation
  • Christoph Friedl, B.A.
    Assistant Projects & Processes / Exams
  • Sabina Graf, MSc
    Study Services / Planning & Graduation
  • Carina Grafinger
    Study Services / Planning & Graduation
  • Marie Haberreiter
    Study Services / Planning & Graduation
  • Karin Herndler
    Study Services / Exams
  • Daniela Hochleitner
    Study Services / Planning & Graduation
  • Nicole Hummel
    Study Services / Transnational Programmes
  • Ramadan Ibrahimi
    Study Services / Exams
  • Bettina Kröppel
    Study Services / Planning & Graduation
  • Martina Kugler-Vielkind
    Study Services / Transnational Programmes
  • Petra Lang
    Department Coordination / Exams
  • Nina Maglock
    Study Services / Planning & Graduation
  • Julia Pelikan, BSc
    Study Services / Planning & Graduation
  • Martina Pichler
    Study Services / Planning & Graduation
  • Monika Pruhs
    Study Services / Planning & Graduation
  • Stefanie Schweitzer
    Assistant Projects & Processes
  • Marta Szeplaki
    Study Services / Planning & Graduation
  • Petra Walter-Heinzl
    Department Coordination / Planning & Graduation
  • Dominik Wunsch
    Study Services / Planning & Graduation
  • Theresa Zehetmayer
    Study Services / Planning & Graduation