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Transferring from another university and accreditation of transfer credits

Do you have previous studies or subject-related competences and would like to apply for credit for it? Here is a guide to check.

Procedure and organisation

You want to apply for a lateral entry or credit for your previous knowledge, submit the complete documents within the official deadlines.

 Here is a guide to check. Please note that an application does not automatically lead to credit.
Here you can find the form for recognition from the non-higher education sector. Please fill in the form only, if you want to achieve a recognition from the non-higher education sector.

In addition to the required application documents, which all applicants must upload, additional evidence must be uploaded and specific information provided. Please note that credits can only be awarded for courses related to the professional field, taking into account the qualifications framework.

  1. 1

    1. Providing the evidence

    Upload all detailed documents on the content, number of hours and learning outcome description of the training/prior knowledge to be credited in "Further documents (optional)" in your online application.

  2. 2

    2. Explain your request

    In the "My comments" field of your online application, state your request to enter a higher semester.

  3. 3

    3. Evaluation of your request and admission procedure

    The extent of the credit/transfer can be determined on the basis of your documents. The admission procedure is carried out in the regular way. 

    Please note: Credit transfer/transverse entry can only be approved if a study place is available.

Admission requirements

We'll be happy to inform you about the requirements you have to meet in order to apply.

Admissions procedure

Preparation is everything – read up on the admissions procedure in detail.

Important dates and deadlines

What deadlines do you need to keep an eye on for your online application? Get an overview.

Study fees

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