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StartUp Management* bachelor degree programme

*Subject to approval by AQ Austria
From concepts to companies: innovate, lead, succeed.

Our start-up management bachelor degree programme empowers you to effectively plan your professional goals and pursue your innovative ideas. Beyond imparting theoretical knowledge, we provide practical insights into the central concepts of start-up management – from inception to scaling.

The degree programme

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Join our StartUp Management bachelor degree programme to embark on a journey that shapes you into a forward-thinking, adaptable leader ready to make a mark in the dynamic world of start-ups. And, no less importantly, you will develop the ability to adapt to change.

One of our primary objectives is to connect you effectively: be it through engagement with successful entrepreneurs who teach in our programme, participation in start-up conferences and hackathons, or shared experiences in coworking spaces. Together, we immerse ourselves in the realms of national and international start-up ecosystems.

Strengthening your entrepreneurial skills

In addition to learning business fundamentals, you’ll explore how to promote innovations and protect intellectual property during your studies.

Whether you aspire to become an entrepreneur or not, identifying and realising entrepreneurial opportunities will be one of your strengths after completing this bachelor degree programme – a skill appreciated by future investors and employers alike.


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Start-up Management – the basics

Start-up Management involves the successful establishment and leadership of an innovative company with high potential of growth, commonly known as a start-up. It encompasses the planning, organising, and directing of processes to turn innovative ideas into reality. The focus is on overcoming challenges from inception to growth and shaping the company for success.

Scaling up the business model

Scaling means that a company is growing and can handle more customers, products, or services without compromising quality or efficiency. Companies scale to cope with increasing demand or a larger market.

In technology, scaling might involve adapting a software platform originally designed for a limited number of users to handle a rapidly growing user base. Scaling can also refer to the development of a new customer segment, the recruitment of new employees or the optimisation of operational processes.

Studium Export-oriented Management - Studierende sitzen am Boden
Studium Export-oriented Management - Studierende mit Folder in der Hand
Studium Export-oriented Management - Studierende sitzen am Tisch

Know-how at first hand

During the degree programme, you will be prepared to build valuable connections and convince potential investors. You will gain hands-on experience and practical insights into the entire spectrum of start-up management, enhancing your entrepreneurial skills.

Many of our lecturers are entrepreneurs, offering first-hand insights from their own start-up ventures. This provides you with not only theoretical knowledge but also practical experiences, deepening your understanding of the demands and challenges in start-up management.

Programme overview

What exactly does your degree programme consist of? Get an overview with our diagram.


What can you expect from your studies? The curriculum provides an overview.

  1. CourseSWSECTS
    Management Essentials 46
    Accounting 46
    Principles of Sustainability 36
    StartUp Research 36
    Creativity and Innovation Lab 36
  2. CourseSWSECTS
    Economics 46
    Legal Environment 36
    Data and Decision Making 46
    Lean Startup and Effectuation 36
    Innovation and IP Management 36
  3. CourseSWSECTS
    Marketing and Marketing Research 46
    Finance, Investment and Mathematics 46
    Emerging Technologies 36
    Networks and Funding opportunities 36
    Future Skills I - Inclusion and Diversity Management 36
    Future Skills I - Collaboration and Conflict 36
    Future Skills I - Managing Systems and Complexity 36
  4. CourseSWSECTS
    Business Models and Business Planning 36
    Behavioural Science and Psychology 36
    Product and Project Management 46
    Sales & Negotiations 36
    Future Skills II - Personal Mastery 36
    Future Skills II - Stress Management 36
    Future Skills II - Intercultural Competence 36
  5. CourseSWSECTS
    Law and Taxation for Entrepreneurs 46
    Leadership and Communication 36
    Scaling and Expansion 36
    Current Issues in Entrepreneurship Practice 36
    Change and Risk Management 36
  6. CourseSWSECTS
    Bachelor Exam 02
    Bachelor Seminar and Bachelor Thesis 28
    Practical / Professional Competence 020

Key features

What makes our StartUp Management degree programme so special? Here’s an overview.

From the idea to a successful company

The programme is designed as a journey through the phases of a start-up. You will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to establish and successfully lead a start-up through its various stages.

In the initial steps, you will be prepared for developing and validating ideas in the pre-seed phase. Building on this knowledge, the programme focuses on the foundation phase, where you establish the business model, develop initial products or services and attract customers.

Next, you delve into the expansion phase, where the company aims for growth and expansion. By this stage, the start-up has laid a solid foundation, successfully positioned products or services in the market and built a customer base. The primary goals in the expansion phase include increasing revenue, entering new markets, expanding the product or service offerings, and potentially scaling operational capacities.

Start working on your first ideas during your studies!

This hands-on bachelor degree programme focuses on applying course content to practical projects. You won’t just generate various business ideas on your own but will also collaborate with your fellow students to develop them further in a team.

The course content will be presented through bootcamps, which are immersive short on-site sessions, along with online delivery methods.

The internship semester as a stepping stone for your career

The practical semester comes at the end of your studies – so, if you’ve already developed a brilliant idea during your bachelor degree programme that is taking off, we won’t hold you back. Alternatively, you might complete your internship as an employee of a start-up, providing you with a direct entry opportunity into the workforce after your studies.

Career paths

After completing the bachelor degree in StartUp Management, numerous possible career paths become accessible to you.

You have the choice of starting a career or enrolling for a full-time or part-time master degree.

A wide range of options will be open to you – at IMC Krems, for instance, you can register for the master degree programmes:

Alternatively, you can take a master degree in business at another Austrian or foreign university.

  • Potential entry-level positions
  • Business start-ups, self-employment and business succession: With the skills you acquire in your studies, you will be ideally prepared for future self-employment – whether you want to set up your own start-up or continue to run an existing company.
  • Innovation management and corporate development: As a graduate, you will be qualified in project and innovation management and in the realisation of business ideas. Product development is also one of your areas of expertise.
  • Promoting innovation and start-ups: With your specialist know-how, you can get involved in institutions that specialise in promoting innovation and start-ups. Organisational consulting for start-ups and company valuations are also among your potential areas of work.
  • Business management activities: You can contribute your expertise to numerous “classic” business areas and exciting jobs without a dedicated start-up connection, such as finance and accounting, marketing and sales, human resources or operational and strategic management.

Opinions: StartUp Management

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