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Media Services

Your partner for digital content production

The Media Lab provides our lecturers with services related to the topic of blended learning. We help them to produce digital content and give them assistance with technical issues.

Digital content for teaching and research

Maybe you’ve been in this situation before: you have lots of ideas for digital content, but not the technical know-how and equipment needed for their production. Or perhaps you’re on the lookout for new ideas and approaches to make your courses more appealing and interactive from an online perspective.

IMC Krems set up the Media Lab to serve as a central point of contact for all questions related to digital content production. The Media Lab is your expert partner for making videos, studio recordings, digital course contents, and much more besides.

  • Office hours
  • Monday-Friday: 8:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.
  • Contact us today to arrange a personal appointment!


You can visit us in the Media Lab (room 1.04) on the first floor of wing G at Campus Krems, or alternatively drop us a line by e-mail.

E-mail:  medialab(at)

Our aim: top-quality virtual teaching

All IMC Krems lecturers and staff can take advantage of the Media Lab’s services. One of our key focuses is planning and production of lively and professionally designed distance learning units.

For students, the services offered by the Media Lab translate into state-of-the-art teaching with various blended learning elements.

Innovative ideas, professionally executed

Project planning and support

Flexibility is the core strength of the Media Lab team and this enables us to implement a wide range of different projects. From the initial idea to the finished video – we are a one-stop shop providing end-to-end support tailored to your specific goals.

The Media Lab designs concepts for videos, organises production and takes care of the shoot. Professionally made, appealing videos are the product of precise editing, animations and effects, and the right music and sound design.

When it comes to video and audio production, we have a professional studio complete with film and sound equipment, green screen, lightboard and much, much more.

Innovative teaching

Didactics and new media

The Media Lab Team develops concepts for interactive communication solutions in the context of digital continuing education. It also supports the integration and application of various technology-supported teaching formats.

The combination of different media and methods guarantees variety during the academic year. Didactic preparation and support of complex subject matter for different target groups is one of the core tasks. The Media Lab team develops framework concepts ranging from simple to complex learning architectures.
Together with lecturers we put together personalised solutions tailored precisely to the course or course content.

Always well prepared

Training courses  and tutorials

The Media Lab stages regular workshops on a range of subjects related to media technology and design. We offer training and tutorials that give an introduction to specific software applications, as well as tips and tricks for project planning and media content design.

In some of the other courses on the schedule, our experts give a clear and straightforward explanation of how Camtasia can be used for blended learning content, how to get the most out of photos with Adobe Photoshop, and how to edit film material professionally using Adobe Premiere Pro.

Fully equipped

All the equipment you need

You can borrow cameras, microphones and other equipment from the Media Lab. With our professional equipment you will be able to work independently on your projects. Please contact our team to arrange a personal training session for the equipment you need.

Another practical extra we offer are supervised workspaces, where you can work on your digital projects and get help from our experts whenever you need it.

Contact us

If you have any questions, you can write to us at medialab(at)

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