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Our full-time master degree programmes

Four-semester, full-time master programmes at IMC Krems.

We offer a range of full-time master degree programmes.

The next step after your bachelor degree

Finished your bachelor degree and want to learn more? Then continue your studies with a master degree. The full-time format enables you to carry on devoting your full attention to university.

A master degree will open up additional career prospects and give you the opportunity to make valuable contacts while you’re still at university. Or maybe you’re considering an academic career? Then a master degree will give you the platform you need.

Which is the right programme for you?

Whether you did your bachelor degree at IMC Krems or another university, you should consider your choice of master programme carefully.

Think about how the programme fits in with your career aspirations. We’d be happy to advise you in person before you apply.

Full-time study over four semesters

Our master programmes last four semesters and have a workload of 120 ECTS. You’ll graduate with a Master of Arts in Business (MA) or a Master of Science (MSc). Studying on a full-time programme means that you’ll usually be at university from Monday to Friday.

Five good reasons to take a full-time programme at IMC Krems

Read on to discover how our full-time master programmes can benefit you.

Find out how the full-time format compares with our part-time master programmes here.

The career benefits

A master degree can open the door to many exciting opportunities for career advancement – or help you to successfully launch your career. 98% of our students find a job within just a few weeks of graduating. Our graduates are in high demand!

The focus benefits

The full-time format enables you to fully focus on your studies – the full university experience. Some of our students do manage to combine their studies with casual or part-time work. It is possible, but depends on how flexible your employer is. If you want to work full-time during your degree, then we recommend taking the part-time format.

The convenience benefits

Our students really appreciate the numerous services we provide that make studying at IMC Krems so hassle-free. We want to make your university experience as comfortable as possible. We’ll organise your university timetable in a way that enables you to fully concentrate on your studies, and we'll take care of a host admin-related tasks for you. You can quickly and easily access personalised information on your eDesktop.

The teamwork benefits

Course content with a strong practical focus – this is one of the things that our students value especially highly. The other thing is the great team spirit and the personal support they receive at IMC Krems. You progress through your degree as a class: members of a team who learn together and from one another.  A special experience which often leads to lasting friendships.

The networking benefits

Four (more) semesters at IMC Krems means you’ll be able to make dozens of new contacts: at exciting companies that you might want to apply to in the future, or at other universities or research institutions, if you want to go on to pursue an academic career. The IMC Career Center will support you with advice and by putting you in touch with recruitment decision makers – as well as providing you with the very latest job vacancies. Or maybe you want to take a different path and start your own business or go freelance? Our Founders Lab will help you to realise your plans.

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