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Our university: innovative, international, people-focused

Since it opened in 1994, our university has built a reputation as one of the most innovative and international higher education institutions in Austria.

Impressive results in a range of rankings underline the high levels of satisfaction among our students from Austria and abroad: the top marks that IMC Krems receives year after year in Universum’s Talent Survey, for example.

Education with a personal touch

IMC Krems was founded as the International Management Center (IMC) in 1994 by Dr. Heinz Boyer, who is now the university’s Supervisory Board Chairman and majority owner. Eight years later, on 1 April 2002, we were awarded university of applied science status. Since then, the university has grown rapidly. IMC Krems currently offers 16 bachelor and 11 master degree programmes, as well as 3 continuing education courses – about 40 % of programmes are taught in English. Our programmes are closely linked to the university’s core focuses of business, digitalisation & engineering, health and life sciences.

The university education we provide stands out for its exceptional practical focus and emphasis on leadership and soft skills, as well as the extensive language-learning options available to students and project-based teaching in small groups. We do not think that our university should be an “educational production line”. First-hand learning experiences are fundamental to our teaching approaches.

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International – and not just on paper

Our international environment defines day-to-day life at IMC Krems: we have 139 partner universities, cooperate in many partnership programmes and have attracted students from 50 different countries. Intercultural exchange, internships abroad, participation in international research projects, and lectures from teaching staff and guest professors with extensive international experience are part and parcel of what we do. Around half of all degree programmes are taught in English – an especially attractive aspect for foreign students.

Our university's international focus

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Strong partnerships for outstanding career opportunities

Establishing close ties between teaching, research and industry is a major priority, and is a crucial part of how we prepare students for the job market. 90% of all students find permanent employment within three months of graduation, thanks in no small part to the compulsory internships or research placements they have completed.

Career Services at our university

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Open leadership culture

The Executive Management and the Academic Board form the IMC Krems Managing Team, which is responsible for the university’s strategic direction, positioning and development.

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The Executive Management

Mag. Ulrike Prommer and Prof.(FH) Dr. Karl Ennsfellner form the Executive Management team at IMC Krems. Their deputy is authorised signatory Michaela Sabathiel.

The Executive Management represents the university in all external matters, including representation of IMC FH Krems GmbH in its dealings with external stakeholders, and is also responsible for overall management of the university.

The Executive Management sets the university’s strategic direction. In this respect, representing the university externally, concluding strategic partnerships and maintaining links to stakeholders are core responsibilities.

IMC Krems is a Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (limited liability company). When we became a university of applied sciences in 2002, the managing company changed its name to IMC FH Krems GmbH. It is owned by IMC Consulting GmbH, which has a 70% stake, and the City of Krems, which holds the remaining 30%.

Mag. Ulrike PrommerProf.(FH) Dr. Karl Ennsfellner

About us - the supervisory board of IMC FH Krems

The Supervisory Board

In July 1998 we put in place a Supervisory Board, which is elected at the annual general meeting.

The current members of the Supervisory Board are:

  • Heinz Boyer, Chairman and the founder of the managing company
  • Reinhard Resch, Mayor of Krems
  • Michael Schwarz, solicitor

The Academic Board

Rules of procedure govern the responsibilities, periods of office, rules of proxy and election procedures of the Academic Board, in accordance with the Fachhochschul-Studiengesetz (Universities of Applied Sciences Studies Act).

The Academic Board is responsible for managing the university’s academic affairs.

The Academic Board is currently made up of the Chair and Deputy Chair of the Academic Board, degree programme directors, representatives of the teaching and research staff, and students.
The following appointments were made at the board’s meeting of 27 November 2018:

Statutes Study and Examination Regulations

Chair of the Academic Board: Prof.(FH) Mag. Dr. Martin Waiguny
Academic Board
Deputy Chair of the Academic Board: Prof.(FH) Mag.(FH) Dr.phil. Manfred Pferzinger
About us - the entire team of IMC FH Krems

The IMC Krems team

We currently have 265 employees and our headcount is growing from month to month. Our lecturers, researchers, service department personnel and apprentices all make important contributions to the success of our university. At IMC Krems, people are at the heart of everything we do.

Our internal structures reflect the university’s strategic goals and are set out in the university’s organisational chart.

Organisational Chart Our Team Work at IMC FH Krems

What we stand for

Study the art of applied sciences: our vision, mission and values are firmly established in all areas of the university.

Our vision

It is our vision as an internationally recognised university to develop and implement innovative and sustainable solutions in our core areas.

Our mission

We are an Austrian university with a strong international focus. We create value for people, society and the economy.

Our research in core subject areas contributes to scientific advances, as well as helping to address current issues facing society.

We offer demand-driven, career-oriented degree courses that meet international higher education standards. As a result, our graduates are qualified to take on positions of responsibility in the world of business and in the community.

With respect to digitalisation, we aim to play a pioneering role in our core subject areas, and position ourselves as an expert partner for business and society.

We regularly involve our alumni and partners in the process of shaping how the university moves forward. As a result, they contribute to the continuous improvement in the quality of our teaching and research.

Our values

We are a learning team. Our leading priorities are

  • fairness
  • commitment
  • mutual trust
  • a sense of responsibility
  • embracing diversity
  • personal advancement

The road ahead

Our corporate strategy, Targeting the Future, provides us with a set of internal guidelines. In a nutshell, it helps us to continuously improve quality, strengthen our international character and sharpen our focuses on digitalisation and creating an impact.

Continuous quality improvement

We strive for excellence and are always looking for ways to improve our quality culture at every organisational level. We measure our performance using international benchmarks and incorporate our stakeholders into the process. This is how IMC Krems ensures that it continues to play a leading role in the Austrian education sector.

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Growth in teaching and research

The number of students at IMC Krems will grow further up to 2020, both on programmes in Austria and on transnational programmes abroad.

Another focus of the company’s strategy is growth in applied research, especially within the currently defined research areas.

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Strengthening our international focus

A strong international focus across the entire university is still a major priority at IMC Krems. The international nature of our teaching, as well as our student and employee mobility initiatives, transnational programmes and international research partnership all strengthen our international profile.

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We aim to efficiently implement and innovatively capitalise innovatively on the opportunities presented by digitalisation in our teaching and research activities, and throughout the entire university. Our curriculum is also being progressively expanded to incorporate more digitalisation-related programmes and content.

Impact and sustainability

Our university is committed to meeting its responsibilities to society and the environment. This is reflected in day-to-day work across the university, as well as in our teaching and research.

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We celebrate the 25th anniversary of IMC Krems