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"Break down challenges into easily achievable steps!"

Kathrin Groß is a graduate of the master degree programme in Marketing and wrote her master thesis on sustainable tourism during an energy crisis. The Styrian has now received the BISi Award for outstanding academic work!

Kathrin Groß

"IMC Krems has played a major role in my academic career and especially in the development of my master thesis. The entire process, from the first courses to the submission of my thesis, was extremely well organized."

I completed my bachelor degree in Health & Tourism Management at FH JOANNEUM before moving to the Wachau for my master degree. Local tourism is particularly close to my heart, which is why I really appreciate being able to work with numerous regional tourism businesses in my job and develop creative marketing strategies for them. 

Sustainable tourism in the thermal spa and volcanic region of Styria

My master thesis deals with sustainable tourism during an energy crisis and the associated challenges for thermal spas in the “Thermen- und Vulkanland” of Styria. I chose this topic out of personal interest, as I enjoy visiting spas myself and would like to work in this field later on. 

Dividing challenges into small bites

In addition to a literature review, I used a qualitative research approach and conducted eight in-depth interviews with experts from the tourism sector. At the beginning, empirical work was a big challenge for me, as I had little experience. I tried to divide the "big" challenge into small, easily achievable steps and work my way forward step by step. My supervisor Ms. Claudia Dolezal and Mr. Xavier Matteucci, who always had an open ear for my questions, were a great support. As I was very interested in my topic, I fortunately never had to struggle with a lack of motivation and was able to complete my work on schedule.

Award as a link to the region

BISi stands for Bildungs- und Innovationsfonds Steirisches Vulkanland (Region Südoststeiermark). The award is an initiative of the Styrian region and honors outstanding scientific work with an innovative character and reference to the region. The aim of the award is the long-term integration of well-educated people in the Styrian region. A university degree should not be a reason for a young person to leave the region, but rather a reason to return to the region from their place of study. 

Boost of self-confidence

I was delighted to receive the award and it has significantly boosted my self-confidence in my work. It was particularly encouraging to see that my thesis is also of great importance to the region in which I live. Receiving the award has also had a significant impact on my future career plans, which I definitely see within the local tourism industry. 

IMC as a driving force

IMC Krems has played a major role in my academic career and especially in the development of my master thesis. The entire process, from the first courses to the submission of my thesis, was extremely well organized and there were always open ears for questions and concerns. Especially the meetings with my supervisor, Ms. Dolezal, proved to be extremely helpful and further strengthened my work. In addition, the numerous discussions with our head of degree programme, Mr. Christian Maurer, and with the Study Services, especially with Marta Szeplaki, were extremely supportive. The research coaching sessions with Xavier Matteucci were also very helpful!

The topic of the master thesis is the be-all and end-all

It is very important to choose a topic that you are really interested in and passionate about. The process, from finding a topic to submitting the thesis, took over a year, so it's important to carefully consider whether you can devote yourself intensively to a topic over this period of time. I also recommend considering how your chosen topic relates to your career goals. It can be extremely helpful to choose a topic that allows you to build expertise in an area that is relevant to your future career. It was also very helpful for me to consult with my chosen supervisor to get expert opinions in advance and refine the topic. 

Master degree at the IMC to "get out there"

As I was already working part-time during my bachelor degree, it was particularly important for me to choose a degree course that would enable me to work. In addition, after completing my bachelor degree in Styria, I felt the need to "get out" a bit. As I already had a focus on tourism in my bachelor degree and I also see my future career in this industry, the master degree in Krems was a "perfect match"! I really appreciated the quality of the course and the professional expertise of the lecturers. My personal highlight was also the fact that the programme was taught in English and that I was able to study with many different people from all over Europe.

An industry close to her heart

I have already gained my first professional experience in the tourism industry and would definitely like to stay in it. My heart beats for local tourism, so one of my main goals is to work in marketing for a tourism business such as a thermal spa, a tourism association, or a hotel.

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