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"It is important to have someone who supports you!"

Cornelia Oswald, graduate of the master programme Export-oriented Management (now: International Business Management), has pitched her tents in Eastern Styria after spending several years abroad in Shanghai – and she’s now our Alumni Ambassador Graz!

Cornelia Oswald

Cornelia Oswald has many sporty hobbies – Trailrunning is one of them. She also regularly takes part in Ultramarathon Trailrunning Competitions all over the world.

The best prerequisites for a professional activity abroad

After completing my bachelor degree and spending a scholarship year in China, the master programme Export-oriented Management at IMC Krems offered me the perfect complement. I have always been drawn to foreign countries and with the help of the advanced training at IMC Krems and the internship abroad in Barcelona, I had the best prerequisites for a job abroad from then on.

Challenge? Accepted!

For me it was particularly exciting to live abroad for so many years, especially in a country that was so completely different from anything I had known before. It was certainly not easy to be responsible for both a sales team and an entire Shanghai branch there - but it was a challenge I gladly accepted. It was a very educational experience that helped me mature not only professionally, but also on a personal level. And when you are able to witness the positive developments of the team members and also receive encouragement from your team, it is a great experience.

The first step is the most important

I advise people who want to go abroad to take the first step. Many people struggle with such a decision, but in my opinion, you can only benefit from a stay abroad as long as you enter the foreign country with an open mind. Not only do you meet many wonderful people, but you also learn a lot about yourself. My stay abroad was an enriching and free time. I was able to learn a lot of new things, meet great people and gather unforgettable experiences. I wouldn't want to miss these years at all, as they have made me to a large extent the person I am now.

Alumni Ambassador who knows what matters

Because of my various stays abroad, I know how important it is, especially at the beginning, to have someone who supports you in making new contacts. As an Alumni Ambassador Graz, I am naturally pleased to be able to help establish or maintain such social contacts and to support other IMC alumni wherever possible. I love social exchange and it is always exciting to meet new people and share experiences with each other.

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