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“Climate anxiety in youth is increasing!”

Lena Felix completed both Tourism and Leisure Management as well as International Business and Economic Diplomacy at IMC Krems. At the "4th World Conference for Public Health", she won second place in the "Best SDG Research Impact" category with her master thesis.

Lena Felix

Born in Styria, she describes travelling as her greatest passion and prefers to spend her free time reading, playing volleyball and doing yoga.

A place where passions are combined

I studied Tourism and Leisure Management at IMC Krems and also International Business and Economic Diplomacy. When choosing my degree programme, I thought I would combine my passion for tourism and leisure management and at the same time deepen my knowledge of international business and economic diplomacy. The combination promised a versatile education that would broaden my career prospects.

My studies at IMC Krems prepared me well for my current job as a project manager at the Julius Raab Foundation by providing me with a wide range of skills, including project management, intercultural communication, and strategic thinking. The practice-orientated approach helped me to adapt quickly to new professional challenges.

Master thesis on climate anxiety in youth wins award

Thanks to the great support of my master thesis supervisor Mag. (FH) Petra Heidler, I had the opportunity to take part in the 4th World Conference for Public Health with my master thesis "Climate Anxiety in Youth". As part of the conference, I was able to present my thesis to a jury and was subsequently awarded second place in the category “Best SDG Research Impact”. 

My master thesis shows that young people around the world are increasingly suffering from climate anxiety. Its effects range from psychological stress in young people to social change. It is crucial that we as a society take this challenge seriously and involve young people in the dialogue and in finding solutions.

Foundation stone for a vision of the professional future

I have had many special moments at IMC Krems over the past five years, in a wide variety of areas. On the one hand, I have met great people and made great friends, and on the other, I have been able to expand my professional goals and create a clear vision of my future. My most important learning moments were the practical application of theories in projects, intercultural cooperation, and the ability to solve complex problems creatively.

To summarise, IMC Krems is best described in 3 words: Community, Opportunity, Growth!



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