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Love is all around IMC Krems

A university is not only the place where you study, take exams and build the foundation for your career – for many it’s also a place where you meet your better half! On this years’ Valentine’s Day, we want to celebrate each and every one of the couples that met during their studies at IMC Krems. We’re sure that lots of love stories started here – so why not share a few?


On this years’ Valentine’s Day, we want to celebrate each and every one of the couples that met during their studies at IMC Krems. Photo: Barbara & Rudolf Rannegger

Carlotta Gogel & Alexander Gfrerer:

“In 2017 we first met at a place called Johnny Darling. I was a 1st semester Biotech student and he was a 3rd semester Export student. A few weeks later we saw each other again at the semester closing party, and long story short: In June 2023, we came back to Krems to celebrate our 6th anniversary. We had dinner at the Tapas bar which used to be Johnny Darling (where we first met). And we’re happily married since June!“

Barbara & Rudolf Rannegger:

“Rudi and I got to know each other during our tourism studies between the classrooms at Piaristengasse and the Q-Stall. At times we had a long-distance relationship, as our Erasmus stays and internships were either in different time zones or spent in different countries. Nevertheless, we were together during the first Practical Training Semester in Quito, Ecuador. In 2006, we successfully completed our studies together and decided to go abroad again - but this time together. We went to Barcelona and the original plan was to stay there for two to three years. But as is the way with plans, we didn't quite stick to this idea. Twelve years later, we moved, but not to Austria, but further inland, to Madrid. We have now been living here for almost seven years and we really like it. We have done the IMC - the International Marriage Centre - proud. We have now been a couple for almost 21 years, 12 of them married, with two children.”

Martin & Juliane Wisata:

“After Juliane spent an Erasmus semester in Moscow and did her Practical Training Semester in New York and I did Erasmus in Siena and my Practical Training Semester in St Lucia, we were asked by Hans Lichtenwagner to give a talk for the Rotary Club when we returned to IMC Krems in the fourth semester. Max Schachner suggested both of us for this and is therefore our official matchmaker. After graduating from IMC Krems, we went to Australia, where we got married, had a son and now run two companies.”

Christina & Christopher Strohschneider:

“Christina and I got to know each other on a study trip to Moscow (Winterweek at MIRBIS University) at the end of January 2015. She was in her third semester of Tourism & Leisure Management full-time and I was in my first semester of Tourism & Leisure Management part-time. No one else from our own cohorts had signed up. We didn't know each other beforehand either, until the vice-rector from Moscow realized that we came from the same university and were even taking the same flight to Moscow. She sent us each other's contact details and we met for the first time at Schwechat Airport. We became friends in Moscow and we met up more often both on campus and privately in Vienna. In the winter of 2015, it developed into more during visits to the Advent market.
Over the course of our relationship, Christina's studies in Birmingham, my year in Budapest, a pandemic and my current job at the Red Bull Ring have not torn us apart. Our time at IMC Krems and the overlapping circles of friends are a nice complementary connection. We got married in Vienna on September 23rd, 2023 (best decision ever <3) and in our group photo are all friends who studied at IMC Krems and celebrated our wedding with us. I also taught as a lecturer at IMC Krems for a few years, and even if this no longer works out due to the new job, IMC Krems and our mutual friends from our student days will always be a part of our lives for Christina and me!”


“My husband and I met over ten years ago while I was studying at IMC Krems, when I spent my exchange semester at the University of Missouri in St. Louis. We fell in love on a trip to Chicago, and later had a long-distance relationship for several years while we both finished our education. We finally moved in together and decided to move to his home country Kuwait. We are happily married now with two kids.”

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