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From studies into the international project team

Vanessa Maria Fabian is a graduate of the master programme International Business and Economic Diplomacy and now works as a research assistant in the Erasmus+ project ENDORSE at IMC Krems. In the interview, she talks about her time as a student and about her job.

Vanessa Maria Fabian

"Besides the professional knowledge I gained, I benefited most from all the wonderful people I was able to meet. And last but not least, of course, the fact that the degree programme paved the way for me to pursue a doctorate and a varied job at IMC Krems," Vanessa Maria Fabian is convinced.

Why did you choose your profession and what do you like about it?

Already during my master degree, I realised that I really enjoy scientific work. So I decided to pursue an academic career after graduating in September 2022 and to deepen the knowledge I had acquired so far in a doctoral programme. Fortunately, Prof. (FH) Dr. Alina Schoenberg offered me a position as a research assistant in the Erasmus+ project ENDORSE, for which I applied and was accepted. The ENDORSE project deals with the talent drain at European university locations and seeks solutions for this, among other things by developing concepts to promote students' entrepreneurial skills. I already knew IMC Krems and Prof. (FH) Dr. Schoenberg, as I had completed her degree programme in International Business and Economic Diplomacy, and could very well imagine a further cooperation. What I particularly appreciate about my job is the warm working atmosphere, the international atmosphere and the opportunity to continuously deepen my knowledge in the course of research. In addition, with Prof. (FH) Dr. Schoenberg and our institute director Prof. (FH) MMag. Christopher Schwand, I have two wonderful superiors who are interested in my personal development and encourage it accordingly.

Why did you decide to study at IMC Krems? What goal did you pursue with your studies?

I chose the International Business and Economic Diplomacy degree programme because, in addition to classic business subjects, economics and economic diplomacy are also taught and I found this combination exciting and unique. It is also in tune with the times, as we are currently experiencing how strongly world events influence not only the activities of companies, but ultimately all of us as consumers. Understanding these economic and social processes was important to me, as I would like to work internationally in my future career. Accordingly, I found it a great advantage that the degree programme was offered in English, which gave me the opportunity to further improve my own language skills and at the same time make international contacts.

What were the special features of the programme for you?

Definitely the level of personal commitment of the programme director and the lecturers, who not only made their lectures varied, for example through international guest lecturers and stimulating discussions, but also responded individually to the students' concerns. In addition, what was special for me was that a lot of practical knowledge was also imparted. For example, the curriculum also covers programming skills and negotiation techniques. We also worked on projects together with companies, and I took advantage of the opportunity to spend a semester abroad in the fourth semester.

What did you benefit from the most?

Besides the professional knowledge I gained, I benefited most from all the wonderful people I was able to meet. And last but not least, of course, from the fact that my studies paved the way for a doctoral degree and a varied job at IMC Krems.

Do you have any tips for future students?

I can advise all interested students to be curious and open to new things, even if it sometimes means leaving your own comfort zone. Gain experience abroad, decide to study in English, even if you think your English is not perfect. It is definitely worth it.

Can you use the know-how you took away from your studies professionally?

Definitely, because I am now working professionally as a research assistant and I use the research skills I acquired every day. I also succeeded in gaining admission to a doctoral programme with my degree. In addition, the cooperation with colleagues from different cultural backgrounds and the language skills I acquired have optimally prepared me to work in an equally international project team.

How did you fare after the master programme? What opportunities have opened up? Would you recommend the master programme to others?

While I was still studying, a vacancy arose as a research assistant at IMC Krems, which I now hold. In addition, we kept receiving job offers, partly from lecturers from the business world and from IMC alumni who were looking for employees at their alma mater. IMC Krems is extremely well networked in this respect and enjoys a very good reputation. Not only because of the exciting career prospects, but above all because of the diverse training at a high level, I can highly recommend the degree programme!

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