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Interview with International Business and Economic Diplomacy graduate Pascal Mittermayer

Pascal Mittermayer is a graduate of the International Business and Economic Diplomacy programme at IMC Krems and works at the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs. In the interview, he talks about how he benefits from the experiences of his Master's programme.

Pascal Mittermayer is a graduate of the International Business and Economic Diplomacy programme at IMC Krems and works at the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs. For his outstanding Master's thesis, he was awarded the IMC Young Scientist Award.

During the graduation ceremonies 2023, he was awarded the IMC Young Scientist Award for his outstanding master's thesis entitled "The geography of discontent in Austria: How does discontent influence elections outcome, based on Austrian election data?". The award is given to theses that stand out for their excellence, social relevance, international aspects and innovative strength.

How did you get your job at the Federal Ministry?

After working almost 6 years in various roles in an international company in Vienna and after completing my Master’s degree in Sep’2022, the move away from the private sector to the public sector took place at the end of 2022. Since then, I have been working at the Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs in the department „Europe & Economic Affairs“. It was a “now or never” opportunity! 

Why did you decide to study at IMC Krems? What goal did you pursue with your studies?

Due to its international character and approach, the IMC Krems immediately stood out. Through its international cohorts with fellows from all over the world and the internationally oriented curriculum, the master’s degree served as the ideal postgraduate programme. 

What were the special features of the programme for you?

The international character, with students and lecturers from various international backgrounds, as well as the combination of content from international business and economics, coupled with the program’s (economic) diplomacy focus and the numerous, "add-ons" expand your horizon and make the programme quite unique. 

What tips can you pass on to students?

Personal growth and development usually occurs beyond each individuals capacity threshold – outside your comfort zone, beyond ones usual performance limit. The willingness to go the extra mile, paired with curiosity and openness to learning new things find use in multiple situations lying ahead. 

Can you use the know-how you took away from your studies professionally? 

In addition to expertise, you also develop other skills, such as a quick grasp of complex and often overwhelming topics, the gift of not losing the overview and setting priorities, and time management. The combination of work and study, including consideration of private circumstances, teaches you how to deal with one of the most valuable resources - time!    

How have you fared after completing your master's degree? What opportunities have opened up?

The opportunity to work at the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (AT MFA) arose in the final phase of my studies, more precisely after a successful assessment center 2 weeks before my thesis defense and master examination. Especially in times where the problems and challenges around us are becoming increasingly complex, a master degree more often gets considered a necessity in order to take on leadership responsibility later on. 

Would you recommend the Master's programme to others?

For all those looking out for an interesting and varied Master programme, appreciating an international context and seeking a personal challenge with a broad and multidisciplinary education, the Master program is an ideal opportunity for postgraduate education. 

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