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A Day in the Life of an IMC Exchange Student

Paula Indurain Diaz, a student at one of our partner institutions, Universidad Publica de Navarra in Spain, shares her experience as an incoming exchange student at IMC Krems.

Paula Indurain Diaz

Paula Indurain Diaz, a student at one of our partner institutions, Universidad Publica de Navarra in Spain, shares her experience as an incoming exchange student at IMC Krems.

What are you studying at IMC Krems, and what classes are you taking?

In Spain I study international business administration and management. It is a career focused mainly on business management in which you learn various concepts and essential things to be able to carry out the administration of companies.
At IMC Krems I have several courses at the same time in order to be able to do the necessary ECTS. The courses I am enrolled in are mainly Tourism and Leisure Management, International Business Management, Business Administration and I also have a course in International Wine Business.

In your opinion, what’s the biggest difference between the education style in Spain and Austria?

Education in Europe, in general, is very different from country to country. In my case, between Spain and Austria I find several differences:
For example, in Spain there are mostly 5 subjects per semester, in contrast to Austria, where I have had 12 subjects per semester.
Furthermore, in Spain the evaluation of the subjects is mainly by exams, in which we have one in the middle of the semester with all the contents given so far, and then in January and in June another one at the end of the semester, which is quite dense because all the contents given in 6 months are evaluated.

One major highlight and one major challenge?

One thing to note about Krems is that it is relatively close to Vienna, which is a beautiful city full of history. Also, flights to different European countries are quite cheap compared to other airports.
One challenge I may encounter is the language. A lot of people don't know English and they don't make it easy to understand us as they talk to you only in German, and many students don't know German yet.

Take us through a typical day at IMC Krems.

A typical day in Krems is getting up in the morning and having breakfast. Then I go to the university where I stay for 3 to 4 hours and I always go to the supermarket to buy the things I need to prepare lunch and dinner for the day. Then I put on comfortable clothes and prepare lunch and eat with my friends in the residence. Later I usually rest a bit and go for a walk along the Danube.
In the evening I go to the gym and spend time with the people in the residence playing cards or just talking. Then I cook dinner and go to sleep.

What piece of advice would you give to other students interested in studying abroad at IMC Krems?

For new students in Krems I recommend them to know that it is a very small town and that the town has more movement in the summer semester.

What is it like to live in Krems?

Living in Krems is cosy because it is small and you get to know everyone, either because they go to university with you or you know them from the hall of residence.


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