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IMC Krems students off to a flyer with app "warrify"

From spin-off to launch in under a year.

Thanks to the start-up, which has received strong support from the Creative Pre Incubator (CPI) and IMC Krems, filing away your receipts and making guarantee claims has become child’s play.

Team - foto - warrify

The warrify Team has launched their new App "warrify".

The warrify app is now available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Out with the old shoe box, in with the smartphone app

Say goodbye to tedious paper-based processes – with warrify you can store receipts digitally and also make guarantee claims in a single click. It also lets you view top offers at nearby stores and reminds you before a guarantee expires. Soon users will also be able to extend guarantees and sell on appliances at the touch of a button.

The four-strong warrify team is currently focusing on product development and customer acquisition. As warrify partners, electrical retailers, insurance companies and manufacturers can ensure that filing away receipts and the guarantee process is made as simple as possible for their customers. In this respect, warrify is like a digital loyalty card but for a network of manufacturers, who aim to provide their customers with superior service. warrify has already signed ten letters of intent with small and medium-sized electrical appliance retailers in Austria and Germany.

Join the team

warrify is now looking to expand its product development team as soon as possible so it can continue to improve the app and introduce the new features described above in the near future. The company can provide great opportunities for anyone looking to get ahead in user experience, application development or customer acquisition.