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Study applied chemistry at IMC Krems

Learn how to promote sustainability and preserve resources.

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals were back on the agenda at the recent Climate Change Conference in Katowice, Poland.

Applied - Chemistry

Online applications for the autumn 2019 programme are now open.

Sustainability and the environment are inescapable issues which will become more pressing than ever before. They are also topics addressed on IMC Krems’ Applied Chemistry bachelor programme. Lectures on renewable resources and waste utilisation form an integral part of this programme, which is the only one of its kind in Austria. This content develops students’ awareness of environmental issues, as well as introducing them to the new, leading-edge demands being placed on chemical industry professionals.

“In the long run, fossil fuels will be replaced by new energy sources, there is an urgent need for new antibiotics and chemotherapy drugs, and new intelligent substances will shape our future. Chemistry is playing an important role in all of these developments. The responsible use of resources, waste utilisation and finding solutions to key issues facing society are all part of chemistry today,” comments Dr. Uwe Rinner.

Study applied chemistry at IMC Krems

Rapid technological advances and the advent of Industry 4.0 mean that today’s chemical industry professionals require additional skills. In-depth knowledge of chemistry is still essential, but employers also expect expertise in process analysis and process management due to the wider application of networked IT systems. Chemical process control and related computer-assisted analysis of large volumes of data are key aspects of quality assurance and online process optimisation.

“The English-language Applied Chemistry bachelor programme is a direct response to the changing skills profile of international chemical industry professionals, and satisfies the new requirements of industry by means of practical training. By linking specialist fields of chemistry with computer-based methods, students acquire the competences for which industry demand will be stronger in the future. The curriculum also features topics such as sustainability and resource conservation, as well as a focus on organic preparative chemistry and instrumental analysis. This means that graduates are ideally equipped to meet the challenges of the chemical industry job market.

Unique in Austria – programme highlights

  • English as the language of instruction
  • Opportunity to gain additional experience working at companies and academic institutions on an international internship semester – students can spend a semester abroad at high-profile firms and universities
  • Computer-based modelling and statistical methods for optimal data collection and processing feature prominently on the curriculum
  • Seamlessly integrated lectures – topics are approached from a variety of perspectives, helping students to identify the links between different disciplines more easily
  • Teaching staff including industry professionals ensures up-to-date course content
  • Opportunities to make contact with companies at a very early stage of the programme offers graduates outstanding career prospects
  • Students develop their fundamental knowledge of chemistry in tandem with a focus on cutting-edge methods
  • Choice of courses and electives in organic preparative chemistry and instrumental analytical chemistry


Apply for the Applied Chemistry programme online

The new Applied Chemistry bachelor degree programme welcomed its first students in autumn 2018. Online applications for the autumn 2019 programme are now open.