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Niklaas Golabitsch comes from Klosterneuburg in Lower Austria and is 28 years old. He tried out various jobs before deciding on Applied Chemistry at IMC Krems: road construction, waste collection, cashier at the supermarket. As his job situation did not satisfy him, he decided to take the vocational baccalaureate at WIFI Vienna and then the Berufsreifeprüfung (vocational school leaving examination). Although he is in his last semester of Applied Chemistry, he already has a job with the chemical company Rembrandtin in his pocket.

Portrait von Niklaar Golabitsch

Niklaas Golabitsch I was attracted by the opportunity to study chemistry from a practical point of view.

How would you describe yourself in a few words? And how do you prefer to spend your free time?

I am determined, helpful, practical and humorous. According to my motto “If it doesn’t help, it doesn’t hurt”, I am open to many things. I relax in my free time with long walks along the Danube, hikes through the Wachau and the Vienna Woods. My girlfriend is an important support, who helps me take a break from the stressful everyday life of studying and recharge my batteries.

What was decisive for you to choose Applied Chemistry?

I was attracted by the opportunity to study chemistry from a practical point of view. My top priority has always been to get better job opportunities with further education. The Applied Chemistry degree programme enables me to re-enter the professional world more successfully. That’s why I am very positive about my decision and would choose this degree programme again in a heartbeat. The beautiful city of Krems and the opportunity to study natural science completely in English were additional positive factors that reassured me in my decision to choose this degree programme.

What did you think about your internship?

I did my internship in Floridsdorf, Vienna, at the company Rembrandtin. My internship work was related to researching green alternatives for light protection agents. We tested whether the molecule lignin is suitable as a light protection agent for water-based paints and how well it performs compared to conventional light protection agents.

What do you think about Green Chemistry?

This is a very important topic of our time. I always keep Green Chemistry in the back of my mind, because I think the chemical industry still has a lot of potential in this direction. If I can make a small contribution to this, it would make me very proud.

What study subjects are you most interested in?

Organic chemistry is a field I find extremely inspiring. The possibilities seem limitless. In addition, the insight into physical chemistry was very exciting. In general, I have been interested in all the fields I have studied, from analytical chemistry to inorganic chemistry. I chose the in-depth Organic Module as my specialisation. It gives me insights into the world of pharmacy, teaches me how to deal with complex computation modelling programmes and gives me a better understanding of biochemistry. I was surprised at how little you actually know before you start studying.

What do you benefit from the most – also with regard to your future plans?

The opportunity to work internationally and the large number of good jobs in all kinds of fields are great advantages in any case. Chemistry is booming, and you see that when you look around the job market. After completing my bachelor’s degree, I would like to gain a few years of work experience in industry. After that, I’m very interested in studying for a master’s degree in chemistry.

My tip

It pays to keep at it!

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