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Swedish ambitions for a new job

Nanna Elfström is 28 years old and Swedish/Icelandic, living in Lund, Sweden. She comes from a big family with five siblings. Nanna loves soccer and played it for years, but now she only watches it on TV. In Sweden, she was also coaching kids and teenagers for over 10 years. Nanna Elfström is an Informatics student at IMC Krems.

Portrait von Nanna Elfström

Nanna Elfström lost her job during the Corona pandemic and is now studying Informatics.

What was decisive for you to decide to study Informatics at the IMC Krems?

I decided to study Informatics after losing my job during the Covid-19 pandemic, since I always thought of having a backup plan. I also have an open mind to learn new stuff. I chose Informatics, because there were not too many other interesting studies for me in Austria offering courses in English. A friend of mine, who is doing her master’s right now, told me good things about IMC Krems – so I applied.

What content from your studies interests you most?

Theoretical computer science and logic as well as programming are my favourite subjects.

What do you benefit from the most?

To learn more!

What is your goal after graduation?

Either I will apply for master studies or try to get a job. Maybe I will combine it with my other studies.

What is your motto?

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

My tip

Work hard, be organised, and strive to understand rather than memorising the subjects.

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