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Victory belongs to the most persevering

Sophie Geiger is 22 years old and comes from Tulln, Lower Austria. She graduated from Handelsakademie Tulln. She describes herself as ambitious, creative and a team player. During the corona pandemic, she discovered home workouts and stand-up comedy on YouTube as a pastime. Sophie Geiger is in her fourth semester of Informatics at IMC Krems.

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It was important to Sophie Geiger to be able to work internationally after graduation.

What was the decisive factor in your decision to study Informatics?

It was important to me to be able to also work in other countries, i.e. internationally, after graduation. Therefore, the English-language bachelor programme in Informatics was the first choice for me.

What was a key experience for you that influenced your choice of education?

After the first year of my studies, I was a summer intern at Drei (Hutchison Drei Österreich GmbH) in Vienna. During this internship I was able to gain experience in the field of Data Science and it also became clear to me which sector I would like to work in in the future. Above all, I found working with my colleagues in the department very inspiring.

What programme content interests you the most?

Artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning in the current fourth semester interest me the most.

What do you benefit from the most?

What I like most about my degree programme is that most of the time we have the freedom to choose what our projects look like. So, we can be creative and create project ideas or ways to solve tasks as we like. This also leads to more motivation in the theoretical subjects of the degree programme and to more independence.

What is your goal after graduation?

After my bachelor’s degree, I would like to do a master’s degree.

What is your motto?

“Victory belongs to the most persevering.” Napoleon Bonaparte.

My tip

Get a good picture of the degree programme in good time. I can especially recommend visiting the open house day and exchanging experiences and opinions about the degree programme with students.

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