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Juan Ignacio Rios is 21 years old and has dual citizenship of Argentina and Luxembourg. He is from a small city near the Andes in Patagonia, Argentina, and has one brother, who is an orchestra conductor. His main hobbies are playing the violin and technology. Juan is a student of Informatics at IMC Krems.

Portrait von Juan Ignacio Rios

Juan Ignacio Rios chose Informatics because he loves technology and he has a facility for problem-solving.

What was decisive for you to decide to study Informatics?

I chose Informatics because I love technology and I have a facility for problem-solving.

I chose IMC Krems out of all the other European universities because:

  • It was one of very few universities teaching an informatics bachelor in English.
  • Cost was very low.
  • It didn’t have unnecessarily long bureaucracy to sign up.
  • Study services responded immediately.
  • The programme is nice.
  • They accepted me even when Austria didn’t officially recognise my high school diploma. Most places just rejected me because of this.

What content from your studies interests you the most?

Programming, algorithms, logic and theoretical CS are my favourite subjects.

What surprised you in your studies?

I was surprised how easy it was to find a good student job in informatics – thanks to Programme Director Deepak Dhungana.

What do you benefit from the most?

I appreciate the network I gain from my studies and of course the bachelor’s degree at the end.

What is your goal after graduation?

I would like to add a master programme if I find a specific area that I am interested in. If not, I will start working and gain experience.

What is your motto?

Ask why.

My tip

To really learn informatics, you need to be hands-on. Most of the theory is learned by practice and experience. It’s not like other bachelors where you need to memorise theory and do an exam and that’s it. What future employers will look at the most is your technical knowledge and programming skills, so if you only memorise the theory without understanding why, it will be hard for you in the future. The other side of this is that if you are the type of person that gets bored with having to sit and memorise pointless theory, then this programme will keep you very engaged.

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