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Next Stop: Slovakia-Krems-Italy

Eva Budinska comes from Slovakia and is in her last semester of the bachelor’s programme Tourism and Leisure Management.

Portrait von Eva Budinska

Eva Budinska spent two semesters in Italy as part of her Bachelor's degree programme in Tourism and Leisure Management.

Why did you apply for the Tourism and Leisure Management degree programme at IMC Krems?

Before applying to IMC, I was studying an Italian language high-school, and, as many others, I had no clue about what I wanted to study after that, but I knew that I wanted to create memories for life. So, when I discovered this programme thanks to a dear friend and alumni, and its opportunities to study abroad, I had to apply. The fact that this is a good and packed study programme, allowing students to discover many various branches of the tourism industry, was the most important thing for me. It allowed me to find out more about the direction I'd like to float towards on my career journey, and I realized that I am quite interested in wellness and SPA tourism. My dream right now is to go out and try out my best luck in this industry.

What are you grateful for in your time as a student?

As me and my classmates were still lucky enough to get to know each other personally, enjoy together the first semester, before the Covid-19 pandemic happened I was able to find a group of international friends coming from all over the world. We embarked together on this journey, to tackle multiple group-works and exams, but also fun times and travels, discovering more of the tourism world to its fullest through this programme. 

What experiences abroad were you able to gain during your studies?

Thanks to IMC, I got to spend 2 semesters in the beautiful Italia. I did my Erasmus in Florence and my PTS in the eternal city, Rome. I brushed up on my Italian skills, packed my bags and sat on the plane to learn more about tourism, and also myself. My stay abroad was full of surprises and spontaneity. I wouldn't have it any other way.

What is special about IMC Krems?

IMC provided me with important and diverse knowledge, various skills, and a network full of amazing and enthusiastic people. When I´'ll walk out of the university with a Bachelor of Arts diploma in my hand, I will feel proudly to say that I was a student at IMC.

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