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Tourism – from childhood on

Theresa Hirche is 25 years old and comes from Hamburg. In 2019, she successfully completed the Tourism and Leisure Management degree programme at IMC Krems and has been working in tourism ever since. She is currently a Consultant for Investment & Letting at the international company Christie & Co in Berlin. Christie & Co is one of the leading real estate specialists with more than 85 years of experience in hotel real estate.
When Theresa Hirche is not working, she pursues various hobbies, such as tennis or golf. She is also a very communicative person and enjoys meeting friends or getting to know new people.

Porträt von Theresa Hirche

Theresa Hirche studied in the Tourism and Leisure Management degree programme at IMC Krems and has been working in tourism ever since.

Why did you decide to study at IMC Krems? Why the bachelor degree programme Tourism and Leisure Management?

I chose IMC Krems because a good family friend had studied there a few years before me and told me about her time and the degree programme. Even as a small child, growing up in a family of hoteliers, I knew that the hotel industry was right for me and developed a great passion for it. The Tourism and Leisure Management degree programme therefore appealed to me directly.

What were the highlights for you during your studies?

The highlights during my studies were definitely the people I got to know in the three years and who are now close friends of mine. We also had good lecturers who made the lectures interesting and exciting with passion and practical experience.

Which contents of the degree programme did you like best? Which contents do you find most helpful for professional life?

What I liked best were the many different practice-related projects. In this way, you can gain your first experience and develop a basic knowledge of project-related work – which of course helps a lot in professional life.

Where and how did you spend your internship semester? How did you like the internship?

I spent my internship in Rome at the Hotel de Russie. I worked there in Marketing & Sales and had a great time. Working at the hotel was a lot of fun and my colleagues were very nice. Moreover, due to the hotel's fame, I had the chance to see many celebrities, such as Bella Hadid, J.K. Rowling or Richard Gere, up close.

What is special about IMC Krems?

IMC Krems is characterised by its internationality, the cohesion among the students and the cooperation with professors and lecturers on equal terms. The degree programmes are kept small, so students can be individually addressed and a family atmosphere can be created.

Why does studying pay off, apart from the acquisition of knowledge?

Studying at IMC Krems pays off because you get to know many exciting people from all over the world. The professors have experience and hold their lectures in a practice-oriented way.

What tip can you pass on to those who are interested in the bachelor degree programme Tourism and Leisure Management at IMC Krems?

It's best to talk to students from the programme, so you can ask everything and get to know the programme. Before I applied, I went to the Info Days on campus, which was also a good decision.



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