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Gábor Scherzinger was born and raised in Hungary and completed his Bachelor's degree in Export-Oriented Management at IMC Krems. His internship at a packaging compliance service provider helped him get his job as a service assistant, where he has since taken on responsibility for a customer himself.

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Gábor Scherzinger likes to combine travelling with his job in Export-Oriented Management.

Why did you apply to IMC Krems?

I am grateful to my friends who recommended that I continue my studies at IMC in Krems. I still remember the first time I visited the main campus for my admission interview. This was a turning point in my life, because it was the time when I made an important decision.  After the visit, I could immediately imagine my future studies here.

Why did you choose the Export-Oriented Management degree programme?

The Export-oriented Management has given me a seat. The programme has taught me a variety of business skills and practices, which I could implement in my professional life after my studies.

How did your internship semester affect your professional career?

The completion of my PTS (practical training semester) was at a Packaging Compliance Service Provider. The company has given me a lot of value in terms of helping me complete my Bachelor's Thesis, as well as giving me a job as a service assistant. The firm recently promoted me to having my own client which comes, of course, with larger responsibilities. 

How can you combine your hobbies with your job?

One of my hobbies is travelling across the world. Very recently, I have gotten the wonderful opportunity to travel across 3 continents with the Hungarian Delegation and the Hungarian Diplomacy. We visited the Foreign Ministers of Tunisia and Iran back in January. The trip has broadened my horizons on cultures and on different political approaches.

To whom would you recommend studying at IMC FH Krems?

I would highly recommend the programs offered by IMC for those who would like to get a practical insight into their field of study. The academic board, which consist of excellent teachers and professional from a variety of fields, will endow you with valuable skills that will enable you to put your knowledge to work. 

In addition, the high level of internationality of IMC can contribute to the development of your intercultural competencies. Working with people from different cultures helped me to improve my softs skills, especially my communication skills.

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