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Insight into the Blended Intensive Programme 2024

International student teams develop innovative applications for the wine industry

As part of the Blended Intensive Programme 2024, students from various disciplines at Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and ArtsKTU Lithuania and IMC Krems worked together to make the wine experience more attractive by introducing VR/AR/XR applications. "Let's work together internationally" was the motto of an entire week dedicated to the development of innovative AR/VR/XR solutions.


"Let's work together internationally" was the motto of an entire week dedicated to the development of innovative AR/VR/XR solutions.

Innovative applications in the field of VR/AR/XR

This year's "BIP" - Blended Intensive Programme - brought together many different students and their unique perspectives and skills to work on current challenges that companies in the wine industry face when integrating innovative technologies such as virtual reality into their business practices.

The highlights of the week

A highlight of the programme was the collaboration with the renowned Austrian winemaker​​​​​​ Winzer Krems – Sandgrube 13. The students were given an exclusive tour of the winery and worked intensively on ideas on how VR/AR/XR applications can optimise the company's internal processes. The teams presented a wealth of ideas, from which each of the four groups selected one to develop into an initial prototype.

Practical experience and business proximity

The partnership with Winzer Krems not only offers valuable experience for the students, but also enables the company to benefit from the innovative solutions. The applications developed are available to the project partner free of charge and can be used for further development or implemented directly in the company's processes.

The final presentations were followed by a certificate, which was handed over personally by Martin Waiguny, the Academic Head of IMC Krems. "This international programme clearly demonstrates the importance of cooperation across borders and underlines the students' commitment to the future of business," emphasises Michael Reiner, lecturer at IMC Krems and organiser of BIP 2024.

AR = Augmented Reality; VR = Virtual Reality; XR = Extended Reality

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