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IMC Alumni Awards for the best of the best

The IMC Alumni Awards honour the outstanding achievements of graduates of IMC Krems. The honours are at the same time visible proof of the quality of the education they have enjoyed.


In the course of the summer graduations, the three award winners were honoured. From left to right: Karl Ennsfellner, LR Josef Edlinger, Markus Roucka, Martin Waiguny and Harald Hundsberger as well as Ulrike Prommer, Barbara Rannegger, Rudolf Rannegger, Martin Waiguny and Claudia Bauer-Krösbacher

Every year since 2014, IMC Krems has presented Alumni Awards for exceptional achievements in the categories “Special Professional Career”, “Special Scientific Career/Special Awards for Scientific Work & Research”, “Particularly Successful Business Creation/Successful Start-up/Successful Entrepreneurship” and “Special Commitment to IMC Krems”. In the course of the summer graduations, three award winners were honoured this time who fulfilled the specified criteria 100% and were selected by decision of the management team of IMC Krems. Another two Alumni Awards for 2022 will be presented at the autumn graduations.
The laudations for each of the award winners briefly outlined their merits and highlighted their individual achievements that brought them before the curtain. Their stories impressively show how much they have made of the IMC Spirit and what great careers are possible with their education. “It is a wonderful feeling when young, successful personalities are honoured for their achievements,” says Prof.(FH) Mag. Dr. Martin Waiguny, Academic Director, adding: “And it makes us very proud that they have acquired their expertise at IMC Krems.”

Markus Roucka – Category Special Scientific Career/Special Awards for Scientific Work & Research

Prof.(FH) Priv.-Doz. Mag. Dr. Harald Hundsberger, Programme Director of Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, nominated Markus Roucka for this award. Roucka graduated in Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology in 2008 and is now Managing Director and Chief Business Development Officer & Marketing at VelaLabs GmbH, a teacher, lecturer and one of the most important partners of the Institute for Life Sciences at IMC Krems. His services to IMC Krems and his career in the biotechnology sector are unparalleled. In his laudation, it was also emphasised that Roucka already stood out during his studies due to his high social competence and always sets a good example for careers in the life sciences sector.

Barbara and Rudolf Rannegger – Category Special Commitment to IMC Krems

Prof.(FH) Mag. Claudia Bauer-Krösbacher, PhD, Programme Director of Tourism & Leisure Management, nominated Barbara and Rudolf Rannegger for this award. The two met during their Tourism and Leisure Management studies and are thus one of more than 1,000 “IMC Couples”, whereby IMC in this case does not stand for “International Management Center” but for “International Marriage Center”. 
Barbara Rannegger has been Lady Ambassador for the IMC Alumni Chapter Madrid since 2014, is very committed and organises highly popular networking meetings. She was the first to set up online networking meetings during the corona pandemic and earned a lot of enthusiasm for it. Barbara Rannegger has been working in Spain for years and is now Senior Project Manager at a publishing house. Rudolf Rannegger has also been working in Spain for a long time, currently as Deputy General Manager Spain & Portugal for Ovation Global DMC. In addition, he is a part-time lecturer and volunteer speaker on the topic of hybrid events. Rudolf Rannegger is one of the role models of the IMC tourism degree programme. He has already received an award from the German Society for Tourism Economics for his diploma thesis on barrier-free tourism in Austria. The laudatory speech also highlighted the Ranneggers’ many years of cooperation with IMC Krems and the positive spirit they spread in the name of IMC Krems.

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