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Institute Tourism, Wine Business and Marketing

The ability to integrate business expertise into teaching and application-driven research with an international focus is what sets the Institute of Tourism, Wine Business and Marketing apart.

The institute is responsible for the English-language Tourism and Leisure Management (full-time and part-time) and International Wine Business bachelor degree programmes, and the Marketing master programme.

Knowledge – research – action

All of the institute’s staff are research experts, and they are also all involved in teaching. The team concentrates mainly on three lines of research.

Consumer studies and innovation management investigates consumers’ behaviour, perceptions and decision-making processes in complex, innovative decision-making scenarios, both virtual and in the real world.

The tourism marketing and technology research focus analyses trends and developments in various sectors, as well as the use of new technology by tourism businesses and organisations with the aim of optimising internal and external business processes.

As part of its research into regional economics and agrobusiness, the institute looks at regional economic development strategies and measures, with a particular emphasis on the value chain that extends from regional producers to end consumers.

Our current research projects are concerned with the authenticity of tourism products and experiences, centring on the arts and culture sector, as well as sustainable tourism development and digitalisation in tourism businesses and regions. We also carry out eye-tracking studies that enable us to evaluate consumer behaviour at the point of sale, and look to gain academic insights into aspects of sustainability in the wine business and wine tourism, and into the development of international wine markets.

" Our aim is to initiate practical teaching and research projects in close cooperation with business partners, in order to ensure that our students receive the best possible education that enables them to meet the new demands of the job market and make a successful transition to their chosen career after they graduate. We also want to position the institute as an expert, sought-after research partner for companies in Austria and abroad. "

Head of Institute Tourism, Wine Business and Marketing


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Institute Tourism, Wine Business and Marketing