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Institute Business Administration and Management

We acquire and share the latest specialist knowledge in business administration and management, which has an important impact on science, business and society. In doing so, we concentrate primarily on three areas: research, bachelor and master-level education, and lifelong learning.

We collaborate with leading universities all over the world, including in the UK, Russia, Germany, France, Switzerland and Canada. Since its establishment, the institute has made a vital contribution to the systematic internationalisation of research and teaching at IMC Krems.

Research – education – lifelong learning


Management research with a strong social and behavioural science element has been an integral part of the university’s work since 1994 – it has a strong international emphasis and still shapes activities at the Institute of Business Administration and Management to this day. Our research centres on analysing the effects that managerial decisions have on the development of public and private companies. In this respect, we focus on the core challenges currently facing such organisations.

Our current research focuses are derived from these challenges:

  • Industry 4.0: innovation management in the context of digitalisation
  • Trade secrets: competitive advantages and IP management in a globalised, digitalised world
  • Developing digital skills: work-based learning using digital technologies

We carry out theoretical and empirical research with a strong emphasis on subsequent application. Our research findings are published in scientific journals in Austria and abroad. We also publish reference works and textbooks on topical management issues, and provide public institutions and companies with support in analysing management-related topics.

Bachelor and master-level education

Students on degree programmes offered by our institute acquire basic knowledge of management and business administration, culminating in the specialised Management master programme, which gives them the solid grounding they require to assume senior management positions at small and medium-sized enterprises and at major international companies.

Lifelong learning

The concept of lifelong learning has had a strong influence on the institute’s activities since the 1990s. We see ourselves as an education partner in various life phases. Our specialist knowledge and business expertise are tailored to the specific needs of different target groups. For instance, we provide practical insights into the latest business issues, such as patent and innovation management, for a wide audience in a clearly understandable form, using the latest technology and digital tools in the process.

" The Institute of Business Administration and Management is dedicated to internationally focused research and teaching, and it puts an emphasis on generating and sharing knowledge that is highly relevant for businesses and society. "

Alfred Radauer, Head of Institute Business Administration and Management


Get to know the core team of our Institute Business Administration and Management.

Institute Business Administration and Management

  • Dr. Alfred Radauer | Head of Institute Business Administration and Management / Programme Director Management - IMC Fachhochschule Krems
    Dr. Alfred Radauer
    Head of Institute Business Administration and Management / Programme Director Management

    Head of Institute Business Administration and Management / Programme Director Management

    Dr. Alfred Radauer

    Core Competencies
    • Evaluation of (RTDI) support programmes, policies and programmes
    • IP management
    • innovation management
  • Prof.(FH) Mag. Dr. Reinhard Altenburger
    Professor Department of Business
  • Mag. (FH) Mag. Christine Bachner, MSc
    Research Assistant / Department of Business
  • Prof.(FH) Dipl.-Kfm. Stefan Baronowski, BA (Hons)
    Professor Department of Business
  • Dr.rer.pol. Tanja Ihden, B.Sc., M.A.
    Programme Director / Transnational Programmes
  • Prof.(FH) Mag. Dr. Alexandra Kuhnle-Schadn
    Programme Director Business Administration / Department of Business
  • Prof.(FH) Dr. Franz Piller
    Programme Director Business Administration
  • Mag. Dr. Sarah Desiree Schäfer, BSc. BA.
    Designated Programme Director Business Administration
  • Hon.Prof.(FH) Mag. Alfred Siedl
    Professor Department of Business
  • Birgit Teufer, MA
    Research Assistant/ Phd Student Department of Business