Translation and Legalisation of documents


Applicants with international certificates, must have their documents translated into German or English by an officially registered, certified translator.

The original document should show all required stamps of legalisation before being subject to translation, so that the various stamps can also be translated. The translation must be attached to the original document or to a legalized copy of it.

Certification/ Legalisation

In addition all certificates have to be certified/legalised.

  • Documents issued in Austria:
    no certification/ legalisation of original documents necessary, copies have to be notarized or certified by the issuing school/institution of higher education, the original documents have to be shown at the start of studies

  • Documents issued in an EU member state:
    notarized legalisation of copies and translations or certification by the issuing school/institution of higher education

  • Documents issued outside EU member state:
    All documents and certificates have to be legalised in form of the Apostille or by the Austrian diplomatic representation in the issuing state (information on country-specific requirements can be found in the links below).

Please upload scanned versions of your translated and legalised documents (all pages, including notations and certification/legalisation references) with your online application first. Afterwards you have to send the original translated and legalised documents by post. Your application will only be processed after we have received your documents by post. Please note that the translation must be attached to the original document or to a legalized copy of it in order that it is accepted as duly legalised document.

Further information on the legalisation of foreign documents is available from the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research ( and on the 

Legalization list for foreign documents

Important information and tips

You might also need to have some documents certified/ legalised for the visa and residence permit application. For general information regarding visa and/or residence permit, accommodation and insurance our International Welcome Center is at your service to assist and help.