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Why study Marketing now?

Learning while doing

The career-opening master programme in Marketing allows part-time work while studying the skills and competences for successful marketing expertise.

Christian Maurer im Lehrsaal

The master programme in Marketing provides students with the specialised knowledge and skills they need to work successfully and communicate effectively as marketing experts in both national and international environments.

Christian Maurer, Programme Director for International Business, is an expert in e-tourism and digital marketing and responsible for a cutting-edge curriculum. In an international, creative and dynamic environment, students are taught the tools for state-of-the-art marketing and communication strategies that set trends for the future.

What are current trends in marketing?

COVID-19 led to economic changes, uncertainty and adjustments in many industries and sectors. Especially in times of crisis, however, it has become clear how important professional marketing is for the stability of companies. Marketing experts assume a key function, as they contribute directly to value creation by recognising trends and developments in time and deriving from them the measures necessary for the positive development of a company. 

The pandemic has driven the digitalisation of business processes in tourism as well as in the retail and fashion sector. Customers increasingly communicate, search and buy products and services online. Data-driven omni- and multichannel marketing is used for optimal customer targeting and personalised sales. Digital marketing using mobile devices, social media, augmented and virtual reality along the customer journey contribute to enhancing the customer experience. The desire for authenticity and sustainability of products and experiences are further customer needs that have been increased by the corona crisis.

How do our major tracks fit into the picture and how do these focuses prepare students for the trends?

The master programme in Marketing provides students with the specialised knowledge and skills they need to work successfully and communicate effectively as marketing experts in both national and international environments.

Digital marketing is a focus of the Marketing master programme. Students learn how to professionally use software applications to develop web and mobile apps and how to inspire customers with storytelling and influencer marketing.

In the three major tracks Tourism and Service Marketing, Retail and Shopper Marketing and Fashion and Lifestyle Marketing, students analyse trends and developments in these three important business sectors and acquire practice-oriented skills that prepare them for a successful start to their careers.

Are there examples of practical orientation in the degree programme, for example student projects with companies?

During the entire programme, there is close cooperation with companies in the form of course and research projects. This allows you to make important contacts for your career during your studies and to learn from experts in the field.

For example, students in the course “Digital Marketing” carried out a search engine advertising campaign with Google Ads for a company. In the 3rd semester, real customer projects are implemented together with and for companies as part of the marketing strategy capstone projects, when students put what they have learned into practice and acquire consulting skills.

What does job-empowering mean in the programme? Are there also students who already have a job in the sector during their studies?

The courses take place from Monday to Wednesday, so part-time employment during the study programme is possible. A subject-related compulsory internship is not required, but students are free to either complete an internship with an employer of their choice in the 4th semester or to go for an exchange semester at one of our partner universities.

marketingWhat are the career opportunities after graduation? Are there examples of successful career steps after graduation?

As a graduate of the master programme in Marketing, you will be able to work, act and communicate effectively in a national and international environment in a professionally competent and team-oriented manner. In particular, you can take on strategic marketing management tasks and plan, implement and evaluate integrated off- and online marketing campaigns. You have specific knowledge in the development of web and mobile applications and social media and influencer marketing campaigns. Distinct communication, presentation and organisational skills enable you to take on management tasks and take care of corporate communication towards customers and suppliers.

As a graduate, you can take on the following positions in various industries:

  • brand manager
  • business development manager
  • channel manager
  • consultant 
  • destination manager 
  • e-commerce manager
  • event manager 
  • key account manager
  • location manager
  • manager of cultural institutions
  • marketing manager
  • retail marketing manager
  • store manager
  • supply chain manager
  • travel manager