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Kick-off: Over 1,200 freshers start their studies at IMC

The academic year has already started.

At IMC Krems the 2018/19 academic year is now getting under way for more than 1,200 new students from Austria and abroad. 

Gesundheits- und Krankenpflege - Studienstart

[Translate to Englisch:] First day at IMC Krems: Our Gerneral Nursing Students enjoy their first lectures.

Numerous full-time students from various countries and over 60 incoming students will give IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems a unique international feel.

First-semester students at IMC Krems start the year with induction week, during which the focus is on finding out more about the university and the location. As well as obtaining university- and degree programme-related information, the newcomers have a chance to familiarise themselves with IMC Krems facilities, and get to know their fellow students, for instance in the course of teambuilding sessions.

Welcome Fair and Experience Fair bring new students together

The Welcome Fair event will take place once again this year, enabling newcomers to obtain a range of information and meet their classmates. In addition, students in the later stages of their degrees returning from internships will report on their Practical Training Semester at the Experience Fair.

Welcome to Krems

IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems has always been an attractive option for foreign students, not least because it was the first university of applied sciences in Austria to adopt English as a language of instruction. Around half of the courses on the curriculum are now taught entirely in English, while some degree programmes are held in both English and German. The 2018/19 academic year will also have a strong international flavour: more than 60 international students will spend their semester abroad at IMC Krems. “Our foreign students play a decisive part in shaping, invigorating and enriching day-to-day student life at IMC Krems,” commented Rector Prof. Eva Werner proudly. This year, a reception will be held for the incoming students at the Welcome Center, which is based at the new IMC Gozzoburg site, where they will also receive support on living and studying in Krems.

Launch of new degree programmes

IMC Krems is introducing several new degree programmes this academic year: the English-language Applied Chemistry bachelor degree programme as well as the Advanced Nursing Practice and Applied Health Sciences master programmes.

Increase in student numbers

The university now has over 2,700 students including this year’s freshers. IMC Krems wishes all of its students an enjoyable and successful start to the new academic year!