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IMC Krems starts successful into anniversary year

IMC Krems is starting the new year 2024 with new degree programmes and a strong focus on application-oriented research.

The university management (from left to right Martin Waiguny, Ulrike Prommer, Udo Brändle) express their delight and look forward to a promising year 2024, which guarantees numerous highlights with new degree programmes, additional locations, the research forum and the anniversary – 30 years of IMC Krems!

It has been 30 years since IMC Krems launched the first Tourism degree programme in English and with mandatory internships abroad with five employees and 45 students. The international focus has remained, and the flame of innovation is burning stronger than ever.

30 years of forward-looking education

From the very beginning, the aim of IMC Krems was to consciously break new, different and, above all, innovative ground. Quality, continuous development, cooperation at eye level, commitment, a sense of responsibility and a culture of openness and mutual appreciation were the core values back then and remain so to this day. 2024 will provide new highlights: new degree programmes, new locations, the research forum and the anniversary – 30 years of IMC Krems!
“I am delighted that we are starting our special anniversary year with an innovation boost: new innovative degree programmes, the Research Forum in April and 30 years of IMC Krems are the highlights of the year. The 30th anniversary will be celebrated in June,” says Managing Director Ulrike Prommer.

New bachelor degree programmes

The IMC Krems programme features the new English-language bachelor degree programme “StartUp Management”*, which enables students to effectively plan their professional goals and realise innovative ideas. In addition to theoretical knowledge, practical insights into the central concepts of start-up management provide a clear competitive advantage in the realisation of business ideas and cooperation with potential partners.
Also new is “Global Sustainability and Circular Business”*, the English-language bachelor degree programme that prepares students for careers in sustainability management and circular economy. In addition to a fundamental understanding of sustainable principles, the programme focuses on adapting management strategies to the complex requirements of global markets in an ecological context.
Prof. Martin Waiguny, Academic Director of IMC Krems, is delighted with the new study options: “With the new bachelor degree programmes, we are once again demonstrating one of our most valuable assets: our rapid response to the current educational requirements of business and society.”

Focus on research

In addition to teaching, IMC Krems also focuses on research. The “Forschungsforum der österreichischen Fachhochschulen”, an annual point of focus and meeting place for all Austrian universities of applied sciences, is taking place for the 17th time. As a host, IMC Krems would like to make the application orientation of research at the universities more visible. The motto “Business at the crossroads of innovation and transformation” will focus on topics such as innovation management, digital transformation, leadership, change processes and sustainable strategy development – topics that also play an important role in IMC Krems’s research spectrum. A wide range of business sectors will be represented. The motto for 2024 is: “Let’s Apply Science! – Forum for Research, Business & Impact”.
“Application-oriented research is the basis for further development. We are very pleased that we can provide more impetus here at IMC Krems so that education, research and the economy can experience a boost in development,” comments Managing Director Udo Brändle.

* subject to approval by AQ Austria