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IMC Krems receives "Vorbild Barrierefreiheit" Award

Recognition for Dedication and Support of Students and Staff with Disabilities

IMC Krems has been honored with the "Vorbild Barrierefreiheit" award by BhW Lower Austria in recognition of its outstanding commitment to and efforts in promoting accessibility and inclusion. This recognition underscores IMC Krems' dedication to providing a supportive and inclusive environment for students and staff with disabilities. Florian Katzmayr, deputy head of the Lower Austrian Association of the Deaf and IMC employee, led through the programme of the event in sign language.

© Franz Gleiß; Florian Katzmayr, Deputy Director of the Lower Austrian Association of the Deaf and IMC employee, BhW Managing Director Therese Reinel, Federal Councillor Christiane Teschl-Hofmeister, Heide Hoda, Martin Waiguny, Victoria Englmaier (IMC Krems) with Federal Councillor Ludwig Schleritzko.

IMC Krems implements accessibility measures

IMC Krems places a strong emphasis on systematically dismantling barriers and has implemented a wide range of measures to achieve this goal. These measures include accessible building entrances, stair lifts, elevators, accessible restrooms, and the adaptation of work materials to individual needs. Additionally, sign language interpreters are available to ensure that information is accessible to everyone. IMC Krems' website is designed to be accessible, ensuring that information is available online without restrictions.

Support Center for students in difficult situations established

The university of applied sciences has also established a support center for students in challenging situations or stressful life phases, led by Heide Hoda. This support is, of course, available to students with disabilities or chronic illnesses. The support center aims to guarantee that studying at IMC Krems is possible for all students, regardless of their individual challenges. Heide Hoda emphasizes, "It is a matter of the heart for us to offer our students an accessible way to approach us with various concerns, seeking help and support. I would like to share the "Vorbild Barrierefreiheit" award with all those affected and my colleagues at IMC Krems who tirelessly work for accessibility and advocate for tolerance and openness."

Inclusion and Equal Opportunities are of utmost importance

"Inclusion and equal opportunities are of utmost importance to us," also emphasizes the CEO, Ulrike Prommer. "We are committed to ensuring that all our students and staff can realize their full potential. By providing comprehensive support measures and compensation options, we want to ensure that barriers are removed and an inclusive educational process is promoted."
IMC Krems also emphasizes visible role models by employing staff with disabilities and chronic illnesses. This underscores that people with diverse backgrounds and abilities can make a valuable contribution to the university community, sending an important message to the students.
"We are deeply honored and grateful to receive the "Vorbild Barrierefrei" award. This recognition means a lot to us, as it highlights the significance of accessibility in our society, particularly in the higher education sector. It is our responsibility to create an environment where everyone should have equal opportunities and possibilities. This award encourages us to continue working towards breaking down barriers and shaping a more inclusive world," says Gender and Diversity Officer Victoria Englmaier.
The "Vorbild Barrierefreiheit" award acknowledges IMC Krems' dedicated efforts to be an inclusive and accessible educational institution that fosters the development and advancement of all members of the university community.