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"Family Room" opens at IMC Krems

IMC Family Room to support students, faculty, and staff with caregiving needs

IMC Krems has announced the opening of its Family Room, an initiative aimed at supporting parents, grandparents, babysitters, and other caregivers. 
This room provides a child-friendly environment where children can be cared for while their parents take exams, attend classes, or require assistance with childcare for any other reason. The Family Room is equipped with a variety of toys and educational materials and is open to all interested parties at any time without prior registration.

Sebastian Jaglitsch with his daughters Josefine and Theodora in the new "Family Room" together with Victoria Englmaier, Gender and Diversity Officer, CEO Ulrike Prommer and Head of Human Resources Monika Zwirner.

Creating an Inclusive Campus Community through the Family Room

The opening of this Family Room marks another milestone in IMC Krems' efforts to create an inclusive and supportive campus community. This initiative was launched as part of our equalitA certification, dedicated to promoting gender equality and inclusion. The Family Room helps to remove barriers for students, faculty, and staff with caregiving responsibilities, enabling a balanced blend of education and family life.

Equality and Inclusion as IMC Krems' Commitment

Victoria Englmaier, MSc (WU), the Gender and Diversity Officer, also welcomes the opening of this space, stating, "The significance of such a room for a university cannot be overstated. It allows parents and caregivers to pursue their educational and career goals without having to sacrifice childcare. Simultaneously, it promotes diversity and inclusion on campus, ensuring that no one is disadvantaged due to caregiving responsibilities."
"The opening of the Family Room at IMC Krems is a strong commitment to promoting equality and inclusion. We are proud to create a supportive environment where education and family can coexist," emphasized Mag.a Ulrike Prommer, CEO.

The Family Room exemplifies IMC Krems' sense of responsibility and dedication to a fairer and more inclusive educational and working environment.

The Family Room room is located on the 3rd floor of wing G at the IMC Krems (Room 3.04).