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Appreciation awards for master’s theses at IMC Krems

The Austrian Ministry of Science has awarded IMC students for outstanding achievements.

Since 1990, the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research has annually awarded students with prize money of EUR 3,000 each for the best diploma and master’s degrees at Austrian universities. In 2022, Teresemary Thondanpalli in the Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology degree programme and Cora Dearing in the Environmental and Sustainability Management degree programme of IMC Krems are among the prize winners.

The Austrian Ministry of Science has awarded students for outstanding achievements with an appreciation award. Two students of IMC Krems, Teresemary Thondanpallil und Cora Dearing, received prizes.

IMC biotech graduates ready for the research world

Teresemary Thondanpalli’s master’s thesis “Pharmacological Inhibition of CDK6 and epigenetic modulators in AML in vitro models” focuses on a CDK inhibitor and epigenetic modulators in the cell cycle of AML cells that can stop cell division and proliferation. Acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) is the most common form of blood cancer. “The combination of Palbociclib and epigenetic drugs in treatment showed synergistic effects by inhibiting AML cell growth and proliferation,” says Thondanpalli. The results of her work using simple laboratory methods could improve the treatment of AMP patients in the future.
She describes the appreciation award as the greatest recognition she has received during her time as a student. “This prize is a confirmation for me as well as for future biotechs that we are optimally prepared for the medical and pharmaceutical world as biotechs at IMC Krems,” Thondanpalli is convinced. The scientist completed both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology at IMC Krems with excellent results.

Transformation of social enterprises towards degrowth

“Progress through degrowth or business as usual? An analysis of Austrian social enterprises with regard to their orientation according to the principles of a degrowth enterprise” is the title of Cora Dearing’s Master’s thesis in the Environmental and Sustainability Management degree programme at IMC FH Krems. A radical political and economic reorganisation is to take place by means of degrowth within the framework of a qualitative change, in which a form of society focussed on quality of life and interpersonal relationships is ultimately achieved within ecological limits via a just reduction of production and consumption. In the course of Dearing’s interviews with social enterprises, it became apparent that a multidimensional, socio-economic transformation must take place in parallel to a development towards degrowth at the enterprise level in order to enable an overall just transition to the concrete utopia of degrowth.
“I consider it an important sign that a paper on an alternative economic concept such as degrowth is being honoured,” says Dearing, who is delighted about the award. After completing her Bachelor’s degree in Tourism Management, Cora Dearing opted for the part-time Master’s programme in Environmental and Sustainability Management at IMC Krems, which inspired her not least because of the mix of natural sciences on the one hand and business and communication studies on the other.