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Women’s power in men’s jobs

Jacqueline Berger from Vienna is 36 years old. After graduating from Lise Meitner Realgymnasium, she completed a Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering at the University of Leoben, including an internship at OMV Gänserndorf. She then joined Schlumberger Oilfield Services as a drilling technician. From 2015 to 2017, she dedicated her maternity leave to her child and volunteered at Aktion Leben in the donation warehouse. She then returned to Schlumberger on parental part time. She is studying Informatics at IMC Krems. Jacqueline Berger describes herself as motivated, committed, empathetic, curious and “unfortunately perfectionist”.

Portrait von Jacqueline Berger

Jacqueline Berger is convinced: Data Science has a future and will make her independent of any industry.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I am very busy in my free time. My interests include upcycling, sewing, knitting, reading, photography, gardening and walking in the forest, for example at Cobenzl or Kahlenberg.

What was the decisive factor that made you decide to study informatics?

The main reason was that my training as a petroleum engineering expert in Austria limits me to very few companies, namely exactly two, unless I want to change my place of residence. Besides, the best times in the oil and gas industry are over and I’d rather look for something that has a future than watch the ship sink slowly. Data science absolutely has a future and will make me independent of the industry.

What content from your studies interests you the most?

Since I’m only in the second semester, we mainly still have the basics, but I think statistics and algorithms are great!

What surprised you during your studies?

The fact that we have a lot of women in the class surprised me. I didn’t expect that, and I think it’s very good! To encourage this, I have started a separate group for the Informatics women, which can possibly be extended to the female Applied Chemistry students. I am absolutely in favour of getting women excited about STEM professions (science, technology, engineering and math).

What do you benefit from most in your studies?

Access to new knowledge!

What is your goal after graduation?

To find a job and let’s go.

What is your motto?

As my dear mother always said: Never give up ... And yes, she is also a perfectionist :D.

My tip

You’re never too old to surf the digitalisation wave ... You can do it as a woman, even as a mother, even if you’re dyslexic or have Hashimoto’s disease. There are always reasons not to dare, but I hope to serve as a good example when it comes to “where there’s a will, there’s a way ...”.


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