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Student Story: I wanted to do a degree taught in English

A look behind the scenes of our bachelor degree programme Business Administ

Fatmah Alqaisi has already experienced a lot. She was born in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad and lives in Vienna. After finishing high school in Iraq, she moved to Austria with her family. She is now a first-year Business Administration student at IMC Krems.

Fatmah heard about IMC Krems from her sister.

Fatmah heard about IMC Krems from her sister.

My grandmother comes from Burgenland, that’s why I came to Austria with my parents and my brother and sister. During my first three years here, I concentrated on learning German and sat the university entrance examination. I also started working in fashion retail. Then I sat the final apprenticeship examination for retail sales and was offered a new position at Wolford, but on the condition that I attended further academic training. So in June 2018 I completed a qualification in marketing and sales.

My goal: to work in the cosmetics industry

I didn’t do a university degree straight away because I wanted to learn German first – this was clear to me from the very start. I was also sure that I wanted to study a business-related subject. After I get my bachelor degree, I want to work in the cosmetics industry. I recently launched a YouTube channel dedicated to make-up and styling. It’s just a start, but I’ll keep at it and always try out new things.

Interested in Corporate Communications

My sister told me about IMC Krems. I looked at the courses it offers and decided I wanted to do a degree taught entirely in English. I went for the Business Administration programme because the lectures are in English and it will give me the skills and knowledge I need to work in all industries, so I can keep my options open and choose an area that interests me. I’m especially looking forward to taking the Corporate Communications elective, something that really caught my eye. I’d like to work at an international company one day, starting off with a job in Austria that gives me plenty of opportunities to travel. Who knows where I’ll end up!

My tip

If you really want something, where you study isn’t as important as the content of the degree. You just have to put in the time, then you can benefit from the advantages of an international university. You can easily work part-time during the programme.

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