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Result of the IMC alumni survey is very good

Proud to be graduate

The Alumni Survey 2019 once again brought very good results for the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems and confirms the strategic orientation "Targeting the future", in which continuous development, constant quality improvement and international comparability and reputation play an essential role.

Absolventen der IMC FH Krems auf einem Kremser Weinberg

IMC Alumni give their former university a very good testimonial. They are one of the most important target groups and contribute significantly to the reputation and image of the educational institution.

Proud to be graduate - 95% are proud of their former university

The graduates of IMC Krems have a strong bond to their former university and show great interest in its development. The recommendation rate is 93%. In response to the question "Are you proud to be a graduate of IMC Krems" 95% of the alumni answered "Yes" and justified this mainly with the "very good reputation at home and abroad".

More than 80% stated that they are proud to be a graduate of IMC Krems because IMC Krems "was decisively positive for their professional career" or "because of its high acceptance in business and industry".

"Very well organised, structured and personal. Students are not reduced to enrollment numbers, but are seen as human beings and treated respectfully on the same level as the lecturers," is the comment of one of the graduates.

Good career prospects after graduating

In addition, the smooth career entry after completion of a full-time study and the very good professional opportunities of IMC Alumni on the national and international job market are once again confirmed. The graduates rate the extent to which the soft skills and specialist competencies they acquired during their studies are consistent with the professional requirements as very high.

Even after graduation, there continues to be a great deal of interest in what IMC Krems has to offer: two thirds want to be invited to specialist lectures, seminars and symposia and greatly appreciate these events. The desire to take part in short further education programmes at IMC FH Krems is expressed by more than half of those surveyed.

Half of them received at least one job offer during their studies

Some of the results are very meaningful and are incorporated into the work of IMC Krems.

  • 88% of those who were employed at the time of the survey are in full-time employment
  • For 83% of the alumni who continued their studies after graduation, there were no problems with admissions. Most of the follow-up studies have been completed at an FH
  • 70% felt that their level of education was best suited to their current job/occupation
  • 68% of those surveyed have staff responsibilities
  • 60% of the alumni work for Austrian companies with international business activities and more than 250 employees, i.e. for large SMEs and corporations
  • Almost 50% said that they had already been offered one or more jobs during their studies
  • Likewise, 50% were able to make a career jump during or one year after completing their studies
  • When asked "What is important to you", 24% of respondents answered to be "intellectually" challenged - having a high income is only important for 12%
  • 12% of the respondents are self-employed, the majority of them from the Department of Health Sciences (i.e. midwives, physiotherapy and music therapy alumni)

Alumni commitment is high

IMC Krems graduates have a strong bond to their alma mater and are happy to volunteer in various areas. They stated that they were very proud to be a graduate and would like to contribute to the continued development of the university.

"I look back on a very happy and instructive time in Krems and have only good memories. The time was very formative for me, both professionally and personally", reads the commente of another participant.

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