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"My expectations have been more than fulfilled"

International Business and Export Management student has made the right choice.

Gerald Goldgruber is studying International Business and Export Management. During the interview he gave insight into his studies.

Gerald - Goldgruber

International Business and Export Management student Gerald Goldgruber.

Why did you decide to enrol on the IBE master programme when there are so many similar degrees out there?

Choosing the right master degree was a tough decision for me, too. The main advantage of the International Business and Export Management programme is that it gives you an insight into lots of business, economic and specialist subjects.

Did the faculty here live up to your expectations?

This degree programme grabbed my interest from day one, so it fulfilled all my expectations from one semester to the next. I had the opportunity to work on projects with companies in three of the four semesters. Presenting my results to senior managers a great experience.

What advice would you give prospective students about managing work and study commitments? Should they hold down a job while they’re studying?

Working and studying is never easy, it requires good time management. But the important thing for me was that I could use the knowledge I gained in the degree programme in my day-to-day work. After studying for two years, I would advise future students to make good use of their time and never lose sight of their goals.

What do you benefit from most on the programme?

Mainly from the lecturers’ expertise. Because they come directly from the business world, they don’t just teach theory, they also share their personal experience and back the theory up with practical examples. These inputs have played a really important part in my personal development and my career.

Can future students get in touch with you?

Sure, they’ll find me on LinkedIn underGerald Goldgruber.


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