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How do SMEs successfully manage digital transformation?

Featureing outstanding final theses

Learning organisations: In order to successfully master digital transformation, the ability to learn is critical. In his thesis, Sebastian Kehrer examines which skills need to be developed in companies for this purpose.

Sebastian Kehrer analysierte in seiner Masterarbeit, welche Fähigkeiten kleine und mittlere Unternehmen (KMU) in Österreich in Hinblick auf organisationales Lernen für eine erfolgreiche digitale Transformation benötigen.

Sebastian Kehrer analysed in his master thesis which skills small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Austria need with regard to organisational learning for a successful digital transformation.

Under the motto "Featuring outstanding final theses" we want to present outstanding bachelor and master theses and thus provide an insight into applied research.

Sebastian Kehrer was one of the first to graduate from our master degree programme Digital Business Innovation and Transformation. In his master thesis, he analysed the skills that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Austria need with regard to organisational learning for a successful digital transformation.

What does organisational learning mean?

Organisational learning describes the ability of companies to build knowledge. In concrete terms, this is not about increasing the individual competencies of an employee - but above all about exchanging knowledge and experience with other members of the organisation and beyond. This benefits the entire company, which in turn becomes more stable in the face of change.

Organisational Learning in SMEs

All companies are experiencing the changes that digitalisation is bringing with it. For SMEs, the fact that their resources are limited makes things more difficult. For digital transformation, the ability to learn - especially for SMEs - is therefore critical to success.

But what skills support organisational learning in SMEs? In ten independent interviews, Sebastian Kehrer researched all the details necessary to answer the research question.

Success through strategy, objectives and evaluation

According to Kehrer's research, the organisational learning skills that SMEs in Austria absolutely need for a successful digital transformation are strategy development, goal setting and ongoing evaluation.

It is also important to create a corporate culture and value system that supports learning. In addition, the development of a learning and development system that supports the learning process of all participants is beneficial. Not surprisingly, adaptability also plays a major role in digital transformation. The greatest pressure is, therefore, on managers. The results of Sebastian Kehrer's research have proven this as well.

From software developer to independent management consultant

Sebastian Kehrer originally comes from Salzburg and after his training at the HTBLuVA Salzburg (electronics/informatics), he worked for seven years in software development, sales, quality management and finally as a business consultant.

While working, he completed a part-time master degree programme in Digital Business Innovation and Transformation at IMC Krems and became self-employed as a management consultant at the end of his studies in order to promote digital transformation in SMEs.

His aim is to create a new type of company and to redefine the rules for companies and organisations at all levels.

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