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Generational differences in project management

Thomas Kormesser is a graduate of the Unternehmensführung & E-Business Management bachelor programme (now: Unternehmensführung) and the International Business & Export Management master programme (now: International Business and Economic Diplomacy). In the interview he talks about his time as a student and his career.

Thomas Kormesser

"The best times abroad were definitely my semesters abroad in Singapore and Australia," Thomas Kormesser (2nd from left) is convinced.

I was born in the Waldviertel region - in Zwettl to be precise - and also spent my childhood there. During my studies at IMC Krems, I worked at Porsche Holding in Salzburg and also lived and commuted between Salzburg, Krems and Zwettl. Since August 2023, I have been working for Do&Co as Special Project Manager - Formula 1.

In the meantime, I have travelled to 49 countries and the next ones are already in the pipeline. The best trips or times abroad were definitely my semesters abroad in Singapore and Australia.

Why did you decide to study at IMC Krems?

Through my training as an IT technician at IBM Austria, I was already very well versed in the IT world. For me, the combination of technology and business was interesting. For this reason, I decided on the bachelor programme "Unternehmensführung & E-Business Management".
At the same time, personal development was also a priority for me.

The master programme "International Business & Export Management" was the further step in the field of business, especially in line with the dual degree at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Australia. Both programmes and the stays abroad enabled me to work in intercultural teams, successfully complete study projects and also broaden my horizons. This was a super experience for projects and topics in the working world, primarily at Porsche Holding.

What is special about IMC Krems?

The special thing is the family environment! Even many years later, the lecturers still know you by name and you maintain ongoing contact with IMC Krems through the many alumni events and activities.

The part-time programme in particular is highly interesting and offers many opportunities for working professionals! I can mainly only report from this side, as I have not experienced the situation as a full-time student in Krems. At the same time, you have the chance to build up a network with your colleagues in the degree programme.

Of course, one must not forget the location of Krems in the Wachau. The view of the landscape around the University is unique. These are all things that I still value very much after graduation and why I always enjoy coming back to Krems.

Please tell us about your career as well as your current professional activities and your work as a part-time lecturer at IMC Krems!

I started my career with an apprenticeship as an IT technician at IBM Austria. I completed my Matura via the second educational path before starting at IMC Krems in 2013. The most important stations in the past years were the positions as 
•  Group Leader & Project Manager International
•  Project Management Officer
•  and Project Manager for IT Governance
at Porsche Holding in Salzburg.

Due to the many activities in the project environment, I joined the PMI Chapter in Austria in 2021 and also became certified as a
•  Project Management Professional (PMP)®
•  and PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®.

Since January 2023 I am a volunteer in the PMI Chapter Austria. On the side, together with a fellow student from the bachelor programme, I am active as a lecturer at courses at the Volkshochschule Zwettl.

These experiences were ultimately the foundation stone for me to go into part-time teaching in the Business Administration degree programme at IMC Krems and to bring young students closer to the topic of project management and also to give something back.

How do your teaching activities and the exchange with students affect you or your professional life?

Especially because of the changes in technology and the working world, the exchange with the students is very exciting. You can compare interesting aspects from both worlds.

The insights from professional life enable the students to get a picture of everyday working life. The different approaches of the students are very exciting because of the generational differences. At the same time, they are valuable for me to combine the different views of the younger generation with the working world.

What do you want students to take away from your courses?

Project management requires a lot of structure, commitment and discipline. Specifically, it makes it very visible which aspects and dependencies are often decisive. At the same time, it is necessary to face challenges and find solutions!


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