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Dream it. Wish it. Do it.

The programme itself was the reason for Raul Carvalho to study Applied Chemistry.

Raul Carvalho is 22 years old and has a very international background. He comes from Lisbon, Portugal as well as from Maputo in Mozambique. He is studying Applied Chemistry and is about to graduate in June 2021. He is a communicative, extroverted, and open-minded person who likes to spend time with his friends. During his free time, he normally goes for walks, plays games and chats. By listening to music, he lifts his spirits.

Portrait von Raul Carvalho

Raul Carvalho is one of many international students who chose the Applied Chemistry programme and have an exact idea of what they want to do professionally.

In an interview he told us about his motives why he wanted to study Applied Chemistry at IMC Krems.

I want to work in Forensics in the future

"I decided to study Applied Chemistry because of the outline of the programme itself. It matched my expectations, and it is designed to prepare you for industry. Thanks to the programme I was able to make my internship abroad in Forensics. Forensics is the field in which I want to work in the future. I was in Prague, Czech Republic for my internship at the University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague (UCT Prague). It was fantastic, I had an amazing time there. I was collecting samples from volunteers, extracting them, and analysing them. It was focused on analytical chemistry, the specialisation which I chose for my sixth semester."

Analytical chemistry sparked my interest

"The field of analytical chemistry has always sparked my interest. I enjoy analysing and discussing the results found through statistical tools and programming languages. The Applied Chemistry programme is demanding, which is advantageous because it prepares you well for industry. This was surprising for me as I did not expect such preparation. Since I had already been through everything in the laboratory sessions, I was able to do almost everything by myself and work independently during my internship. After graduation I am planning the continue my studies at the University of Vienna."

What role plays Green Chemistry?

"Green Chemistry has the purpose to implement more and more safe and sustainable chemicals. My hopes are that we will be able to significantly minimize or eradicate the use of hazardous chemicals."

Your tips for prospects?

"I will advise prospective students to keep track of their classes, review what was tutored in class, apply for internships early, and prepare for exams ahead of time!"

My motto:

"Dream it. Wish it. Do it."


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