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East meets West

Know-how from IMC Krems for Chinese high-end wines

Yu Song – 宋誉 in Chinese – is from the Northern part of China, a city called Heihe, a “small” border city next to Russia with a population of 1.6 million. Fun fact: if you speak Russian, you can live in Heihe without any language barrier. He studied civil engineering in Harbin, China, before he came to Krems in 2014 to study wine management at the Wein- und Obstbauschule. Finally, Yu Song ended up completing the bachelor programme International Wine Business and is currently studying in the master prgoramme International Business at IMC Krems.

Yu Song vor seinem Computer

With his background, life story and commitment as a part-time teacher, Yu Song is one of the most enigmatic personalities among IMC students.

Yu, how come you decided to come to Austria and study at IMC Krems?

Life is always about discovering. The reason I came to Austria and went to the viticulture school in the first place was to practice my German skills and go to an architecture school right after. However, I accidentally discovered my interest in wine. One of my mentors at the time suggested this new programme International Wine Business. Studying at the viticulture school opened a new world to me, which made me change the original idea of becoming an architect. Instead, I went to IMC Krems. Now I’m finishing my part-time master programme in export management also from IMC.

You are working with Lenz. M. Moser Projects. What is your task there?

The main part of my job in Lenz M. Moser projects is sales and marketing. I’m responsible for discovering new distribution channels in Europe and Asia. We are now handling three major projects: New Chapter Grüner, a collaboration between Markus Huber and Lenz Moser in order to create a new style of Grüner Veltliner for the taste of international wine lovers, Chateau Changyu Moser XV, a collaboration project between Mr. Lenz Moser and Changyu, the oldest and biggest wine producer in China, and Chateau Changyu Koya, the number one premium brandy from China, which complements greatly with our Chateau Changyu XV wines. Apart from this, I also handle the IT part of the work in the company, including website design and maintenance as well as graphic design, etc.

How did you like your internship?

It was a quite nice experience, always better to learn from the best; as we do have a rather small team, this enabled me to get involved with projects by myself and see the whole process of building a brand from zero.

How come you work as a part-time lecturer at IMC Krems?

Mr. Stöckl, programme director of International Wine Business at IMC Krems, was looking for someone with knowledge about the Chinese wine market. In addition, the past years of experience working in the wine industry with Mr. Moser allowed me to develop my own understanding of the Chinese wine consumer and Chinese wine industry. I’m happy to share all of this with my colleagues in the international wine business programme.

How do you like studying at IMC Krems? What was the best part about it?

I enjoy the time I spend at IMC. The well-organised tasting events definitely are the most attractive part of the IWB programme. And especially the cool stories told by Mr. Stöckl, they were exceptional!

What are your plans for the future?

I would like to bring more interesting wine to people’s dining tables and continue my journey in the wine world.

Do you have any tips for students who consider studying IWB in Krems?

Go for it, embrace the wine culture, and don’t drink too much. This programme is so unique you won’t find it anywhere else! And most importantly, don’t be afraid to get into a new field of knowledge. It takes time and courage to find out what you are really passionate about.


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