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Coincidences led to wine trade

Raphael Barbi can count himself among those graduates who dared to take the step into self-employment immediately after their studies at IMC Krems. He has fulfilled his dream with his online wine shop and a podcast.

Raphael Barbi

Before his IWB studies, Raphael Barbi worked as a sommelier in some of Austria's best establishments. Both professionally and privately, his passion belongs to wine and culinary arts. Photo credit: © Ewald Fohringer – Fotostudio Mank; Photo below: Kerstin Oberzaucher – Digital Handwerk

I came to the International Wine Business bachelor degree programme by a coincidence. During my time as a sommelier, I missed home and regular sports, especially soccer. During a break from the winter season due to Covid in March 2020, I knew it was time for a change. However, I still wanted to stay true to my passion, which is wine. By enrolling in the IWB degree programme, I thus took my first step towards the wine trade.

Wine for the ears too

My online wine shop "Probeschluck"  includes exceptional rarities and premium wine subscriptions and was founded after I graduated. So I turned my dream of self-employment into reality! I also started a Probeschluck podcast where I invite a guest from the wine industry every week. The wines mentioned in the podcast can also be ordered for tasting in the online shop.

IMC Krems as the idea generator

The ideas for Probeschluck were already worked out during my studies. So it was also clear that Albert Stöckl, my former programme director, would be a guest on a podcast episode. I talk to him about supermarket wine and the International Wine Business degree programme.

A look into the future

In the future I would like to establish my online wine shop and its wine podcast even more in Austria and Germany. In addition, as a wine consultant I will support various wine companies on their journey to success.

Study as a springboard for the wine business

I would recommend this degree to all those who want to establish themselves in the wine industry. It will be especially interesting for those who want to become a manager in the wine business or dive into self-employment. To this day I still benefit from the many contacts I made during my time at IMC Krems.



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