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Chemistry with an international twist

It was my best decision

Theresa Zuser is 19 years old, and student in the fourth semester of Applied Chemistry at IMC Krems. She is from Hofstetten-Grünau, Lower Austria, and graduated from Mary Ward language high school in St. Pölten in 2019.

Theresa Zuser beim Snowboarden mit einer Freundin und im Labormantel

Theresa Zuser made the best decision of her life with Applied Chemistry.

To clear my head, I like to meet up with friends or do sports. Playing tennis (UTC Hofstetten-Grünau) and horse riding (RC St. Pölten Wagram) are my main hobbies.

The best decision ever

The international factor, the location and the cooperation with many companies convinced me to apply for the bachelor programme Applied Chemistry at IMC Krems. Furthermore, I am more practical, which means that a university of applied sciences simply suits me better. I was really surprised by how many people from abroad are in this course. The different languages and cultures are very interesting for me. It was the best decision for me to study Chemistry at an international university of applied sciences.

I am currently looking forward to my practical training semester (PTS). Thanks to the good connections of the university, I have the opportunity to do my PTS in Canada. After completing my bachelor’s degree, I will start working and will probably do my master’s degree alongside work later.

My tip

Just apply, don’t worry if you come from a language or business school. The course pretty much starts over. Of course, you have to study a little more in the first semester than others, but it is totally doable.

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